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Guest Post Written by Iman Navab (The Author)

According to Wikipedia, Astronomy is a natural science that deals with the study of celestial objects such as stars, planets and galaxies. The field of professional astronomy split into observational and theoretical branches. Observational astronomy is focused on acquiring data from observations of celestial objects, which is then analysed using basic principles of physics. Theoretical astronomy is oriented towards the development of computer or analytical models to describe astronomical objects and phenomena. The two fields complement each other, with theoretical astronomy seeking to explain the observational results, and observations being used to confirm theoretical results.

Therefore, as natural science astronomy consists of laws, which helps in determination and predictions of phenomena’s such as moon cycles, the behaviour and dynamic processes of celestial objects. Similarly, a science of medicine would have knowledge of laws governing the action of remedies, which would enable us to determine that action under given circumstances. The most reliable medicine among branches of medicine in providing such knowledge is the Science of Homeopathy, a system which is in compliance with a natural principle. That principle is what the word Homeopathy implies “Similia Similibus Curentur“. In accepting this principle Homeopaths around the world are united. This eternal law [click to tweet] is not invented by anybody or by the father of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It is indeed a law of nature, a principle true in the very nature of things.

German Science Congress (1878)

At a German Science Congress in 1878 it was stated that “the most important task of medicine, therapeutics, is not advanced by cellular pathology”[1]. Biology, too, through the cellular doctrine, has had a very little effect. What long lists of medicines are recommended in all diseases without any precise differentiation of them! The endless recommendations of remedies dance before the investigator; they appear and disappear, come into fashion and then go out of fashion!

All these different therapeutic systems and schools have waged war with Homeopathy, but Homeopathy stands firm, secure through its therapeutic results. Fashion does not prevail in Homeopathy as in the opposite camp. The same remedies which Hahnemann used are still employed according to the same indications. The medicines of Homeopathy are not subject to the caprices of fashion!

Royal Society of Medicine

Sir John Weir at the Royal Society of Medicine said,

Dr. Hahnemann introduced an entirely novel and scientific method of studying drug-action. He demonstrated the effect of drugs on the living human being. Surely, a method far superior to the study of their toxic effect on animals. Even if drugs did affect animals in precisely the same way that they affected all other animals and humans, which is not the case – what animal could initiate us into the suicidal impulses of Aurum, the terror of death of Aconite?”

Despite the fact that since its discovery Homeopathy has served mankind and animals for more than two hundred years, still this medical system is not given the credit, priority and placement that it deserves in the human health care structure. All due to fear, lack of understanding and ignorance!

Efficacy of Homeopathy

The most frequently asked question about homeopathy is about its efficacy. The proper place for being satisfied with the efficacy of homeopathic remedies is at the bedside of the sick person, not in laboratory and not under microscope. It is at the bedside of the sick that precise practical knowledge can be acquired and incredulity is dissipated; it is there that conversion is affected. Dr. Hahnemann said,

Never take anything for granted, nor receive anything in any science as a truth, until you have investigated it for yourself.” [2].

One should also experiment with the effect of homeopathic medicines on animals and plants too. In this regard, Dr. Boenninghausen said: “Nothing is more suitable than the application of Homeopathy to animals. For here nothing can be ascribed to diet, much less to the influence of imagination and faith; when animals, therefore, with such treatment recover, and indeed, in a very brief time, it cannot be denied, unless all reason is set aside and skepticism should increase even to insanity”.

Samuel Hahnemann: A Chemist

Another common comment by bigots is that Hahnemann had ignored or had no knowledge of chemistry when he prepared homeopathic dilutions. Well, as a matter of fact, Dr. Hahnemann, as a scientist, was a talented chemist too. Here are two historic events that I would like to bring to your attention: Dr. Hahnemann was in an alchemy school with Dr. Hufeland in Germany. As Hahnemann was dissatisfied treating people with his alchemical preparations, he said to Hufeland, “It is all in the mind”; and Hufeland said: “Get out of my laboratory. If you cannot treat, be humble enough to say I can’t; but do not blame it on the mind.” In later years after the discovery of Homeopathy, it was published in ADDRESS in the year 1848, a quote by Hufeland stating that

“Hahnemann was the greatest chemist of his day”.

As well, Dr. Johann Friedrich Göttling, was an outstanding Chemist and Pharmacist. He was the teacher of great chemists in history. He was appointed as an extraordinary professor of philosophy and chemistry at the University of Jena. In 1794, Professor Gottling said,

“Chemistry has to thank Samuel Hahnemann for many important discoveries!”

Dilutions beyond Avogadro Number

On a regular basis, and I can say majorly nowadays due to political reasons, Homeopathy is being attacked by its ignorant opponent so-called “skeptics” mostly by the easiest misleading demonstration that there is no visible or detectable medicinal ingredient in the remedies as they are diluted beyond their understanding. Well, one can not acknowledge what he or she does not understand. Light, electricity, gravity, emotions, even pain, and the most powerful agents in nature may be without weight, volume or shape. Perhaps we should elevate every individual body from the surface of the earth, to see if it will fall again before we admit the truth of the law of gravity.


Homeopathic medicines are prepared by trituration and succussion, by which extension of the surface is obtained, the result of such extension being an increase of power. As stated by Dr. William Helmuth, M.D. in 1850, Sulphur in a crude form, has very little smell or taste, but by an extension of its surface, which may be affected by even gentle rubbing upon a hard surface, sensible properties are both increased and developed in the innumerable infinitesimal sulphur atoms which diffuse themselves around.

Free electricity is confined to the surface of bodies, their interior contains none. If a small solid ball is divided into smaller ones, much of what was interior becomes surface and the same weight of matter can receive more electricity. In drawing off electricity, a bundle of wires in close position will draw less than a single rod, but when separated beyond the neutralising point, their power will have increased more than a thousand-fold. A magnetic bar has no apparent magnetism in the interior and none at the middle of its surface, but when broken in the middle, it then becomes magnetic instantly and spontaneously. A small magnet can also be made more powerful than a large one of greater weight.

From the physics aspect of it, Dr. Boger said the best: “Our curative remedies depend upon a force acting in a similar direction to the disease force, and that no force moving in the universe is capable of any deflection in any direction by a force of equal magnitude and power acting in exactly the opposite direction; therefore, any force capable of changing a force already moving in one direction, necessarily moves in a similar direction. That is a fundamental principle in physics.”


So I strongly suggest that those unqualified skeptics to first study and examine the Homeopathic Materia Medica before daring to attack and mislead the public by their lack of knowledge about the very science that they are attacking.

Dr. Campbell, member of the Board of Physicians & Surgeons, Ontario of Canada in 1892 said: “Had Hahnemann been more tolerant of the errors and absurdities, he might not have met with the same opposition from the profession. But how could he? It is the very nature of truth to have no toleration for error. There are no degrees of comparison for the adjective true. A thing must be either true or not true. Compromises in politics are said to be necessary at times; but compromises in science must be always unsatisfactory, for the reason that a scientific truth cannot compromise with an unscientific error.” [3]

Thanks for reading and as always, God bless Homeopathy!


[1] History of Homœopathy : Its Origin ; Its Conflicts, Wilhelm Ameke, M. D.

[2] The Life and Letters of Dr Samuel Hahnemann, Thomas Lindsley, B.Jain Publishers, Chapter 12

[3] Personality of Hahnemann, T. Campbell


About the Author: Iman Navab

Iman Navab

Iman Navab is a certified classical Homeopath and historian of homeopathy from Canada. He is the President of The Applied Research in Homeopathy Foundation of Canada. Iman gives lectures and seminars to raise awareness about the philosophy and rich history of Homeopathy.



The copyright is reserved with the author Iman Navab. All opinions are that of the author

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  1. pharmakon

    Hi, it was really interesting to read your entry – there is a lot of stuff I didnt know about homeopathy. I recently wrote an entry myself on the subject and would be happy to hear your feedback. The main point against homeopathy from a pharmacological stand-point is that there has to be sufficient amount of an active compound to assert effect on the body. Drugs interact with molecules in your body and unless the compound is present in sufficient quantities, these interactions will not happen. I think that Hahnemann’s studies were influenced by his disapproval of medicine at the time he lived, but medical practice and healthcare are much more advanced now. Still, I like his focus on indvidualized therapy – he was clearly a forward thinking man. Check out my post if you’re interested – http://adidarwinian.com/father-of-human-pharmacology/


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Thank You for your interest in Homeopathy and your comment in particular.

      The conventional wisdom is that beyond avogrado limit (12c), the probability of finding a molecule of an active ingredient is small, not zero. But a research by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay in 2010 indicates the presence of nano-grams of fine nano-particles of the original starting material in 200c (much beyond 12c) potency of metal-derived homeopathic medicines. A similar research by IIT Delhi in 2011 indicates the presence of nanocrystals (100 nano-metre) in 15c potency of plant-derived homeopathic medicines. This indicates the presence of an active ingredient in potencies upto 200c which were not detectable by the technology available before 2010.


      • pharmakon

        Hi, thanks for the information – i will read it soon! Its always interesting to hear other arguments, will get back to you once im more informed 🙂


      • Jennifer Edelman

        My dad treated us with homeopathy as children, and recently, it is the only thing which has given me relief for a problem the GP couldn’t treat. One aspect to this question of not being able to detect active ingredients, is from a completely different field. The book “Messages From Water” is an extraordinary book of photos of water on the point of freezing. They are fascinating, and one thing they did, was to expose water to different types of music and even words, and to do the freezing/photography process on the affected water! Dirty pond water exposed to lovely music, cleared and the photos completely changed! If messages like this can be photographed, I would love to see the photos of water contained in homeopathic medicines!


  2. Dr. Nancy Malik

    Thank You, Iman, for showing us that even if we homeopaths are spread all across the globe, we are united by one eternal law. I would rather say to the extent that we are bounded even to our patients by this eternal truth.


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