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Among Top 100 blogs on Homeopathy

General (7)

The Science Delusion. Rupert Sheldrake

How is Your Health Affected By Your Diet?

Do you take your health for granted?

62nd World Health Assembly Resolution On Traditional Medicine

What’s your description of Health?

Psychological & Psychosomatic Illness

Objections of a Scientist

Samuel Hahnemann (5)

A portrait of Samuel Hahnemann

Organon of Medicine-Quick Outline

World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2013

World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2018

200 Years of Homeopathy

Homeopathy (32)

Awakening the Vital Force

FAQ on Homeopathy

What we know and what we don’t know

The Life Force: a lost concept

There is a need for Homeopathy

Homeopathy can change the global economy

Homeopathy – Safe, Gentle and Effective

Govt. of India to re-establish All India Institute of Homeopathy in New Delhi

Why Government of India is promoting Homeopathy?

Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Medicines

Homeopathy is rapidly gaining acceptance and credibility

Thumbs Up for Homeopathy – the gentle way

Homeopathy Hits a Homer

Homeopathy Treatment is Efficient and Cost-Effective

Healing with Homeopathy

Worldwide Popularity Grows for Homeopathy

A Commencement Speech at American Medical College of Homeopathy

Homeopathy and Susceptibility

Homeopathy will continue to be reimbursed in Switzerland

Homeopathy: An Old Approach Gets New Validation


To swallow or not to swallow…that is the question!

I commit myself to treat all people as I would like to be treated

The Anatomy of Obsession

Homeopathy and Modern Medicine: A comparison

Wine of Homeopathic Agriculture

What Nobel Laureates said on Homeopathy?


An Interview with Dr. Peter Fisher

An Interview with Dr. Nancy Malik

Research (15)

Research in Plausibility of Homeopathy

Nobel Prize Laureate Stuns Colleagues With Homeopathy At A Prestigious International Scientific Meeting

Response to criticism of Cuba Leptospirosis 2010 paper

Homeopathy better than placebo

Lancet shows homeopathy to be 2.5 times and more effective than placebo

Homeopathy is Scientific NanoMedicine: A Study

Homeopathy: Recent research

Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart Scientifically Proves Water Memory and Homeopathy 3

Cuba: massive Homeopathic experiment results

How Homeopathy Works?

Why the Homeopathy Hounders will fail?


Homeopathy is Evidence-based

Karsakov Remedies

Advances in Research

Homeopathic Treatments (36)

Hepar sulf for treatment of infections

Homeopathic treatment of Angina Pectoris

Homeopathic Treatment of Tennis Elbow

Homeopathic Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Iron-deficiency treatment

Weather the storm with homeopathy

Homeopathy for Behavioural problems in children

ADHD and Homeopathy

Homeopathic First Aid

Homeopathy in Paediatric Cases

Ache and Hangover

Tips for dealing with cold and flu

Liver Cirrhosis and homeopathic treatment

Cancer Treatment in Homeopathy

Homeopathic Therapeutics for Good Sleep

Tips to Handle Flu naturally

The use of Homeopathy in Pediatrics

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Homeopathy

Arnica for Injuries

The Choice of Remedy

Mind Over Matter: The Pressures of Hypertension

Homeopathic Treatment of Diaper Rash

Handle Fevers with Homeopathy, Not Drugs

Homeopathy for hay fever sufferers

Homeopathy for Dental Problems

Homeopathic teatment of ADHD

Arsenicum Album for arsenic toxicity: Evidence-based findings

Homeopathic Treatment of mosquito bites

First-Aid in Homeopathy

Homeopathy for Kids

Homeopathy for Plants

Homeopathy for treatment in Dogs

Homeopathy for Geriatric Health

Homeopathic treatment of Pre Mensuration Syndrome

Allergy to various types of foods

Homeopathy as a sports medicine (4)

Homöopathie im Dienste von Fußball, Olympia und anderen Sportarten

Adventures in Healing: Foot Injury

This is why Sportspersons love Homeopathy

Arnica as a Athletes’ Relief Aid 3

Conventional Med (4)

Inventing Medical Reality: The Placebo Washout

The Secret Pact Between Mainstream Medicine and Big Pharma

Doctor getting a feedback

What will all get us killed- Antibiotic Resistance


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