Homeopathy Worked For Me: HealthCare Chat Transcript

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7 UK Celebrities come together to launch ‘Homeopathy Works For Me’ Campaign [click to tweet]

Healthcare Social Media Transcript: Twitter Chat, Facebook Chat, Google+ Chat and YouTube Videos

The topic of Discussion: Why Homeopathy Works For You?

Prechat tutorials:

Basic Principles of Homeopathy Explained

How Super-Avogadro dilutions in Homeopathy work?


Twitter Chat Run hosted and inspired by @HomeopathyWFM using #HWFM HWFM stands for Homeopathy Worked For Me.

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Join in a tweet chat and tell us why homeopathy works for you followed by the hashtag #HWFM to be in a chance of winning gifts from Helios and School of Homeopathy, UK ( @HomeopathyEDU ).


Tweet Chat Summary by @EvidBasedHpathy

This chat is extraordinary because extraordinary medicine requires extraordinary evidence. I am thankful to @HomeopathyWFM to initiate a twitter conversation. This discussion gave an opportunity to twitter homeopathy community of health professionals, medical doctors, clinicians, scientists, organisations, patients and the general public to  share their collective wisdom.

Twitter Conversation




Twitter Chat Participants: 19 Contributors to this chat are @JoWoodOfficial @LouiseHazel @CharLouJackson @Alice_Barlow @nptclinic @HomeopathEm @HomeopathyWFM @Melbournerachel @HomeopathicRx @RefrHoriz @maryenglish @JadeElise37 @SherrisMusings @exeskeptics @ZimJay @arjunpn @EllenKramer @aliveHealth @DrNancyMalik




38 Videos on “Homeopathy Worked For Me”. Click “Play All” to view all of them one by one automatically.

Postchat reading:

Homeopathy gives results quickly

I have seen Homeopathy work when nothing else would

Homeopathy can work with conventional therapies

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