Beating Depression with Homeopathy

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World Health Organisation’s theme on World Health Day 2017 was depression.

Depression can be due to release of anti-stress hormone cortisol by adrenal glands

Depression can lead to tension headache

Some people tend to eat more when in depression which may lead to overweight and obesity

Research Studies

Significant human studies published in peer-reviewed journals upto the end of year 2010

Individualised Homeopathic treatment of depression and anxiety(1997) // n= 12, t=7 to 80 weeks, 58% of patients responded to homeopathy for anxiety and phobia

Homeopathic LM potencies Vs Fluoxetine for Depression (2009) FULL TEXT //n=91, individualized homeopathy, 1 drop thrice a week, 20 mg Fluoxetine HCL daily, sign level=1++, Homeopathy not inferior to fluoxetine (Prozac) but had a better safety profile. Higher percentage of patients treated with fluoxetine reported troublesome side effects and there was a trend toward greater treatment interruption for adverse effects in the fluoxetine group compared to homeopathy.

MP3 Audio:

Outcome Assesment: Hamilton Depression Rating Scale for Depression



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