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Receiving the diagnosis of Autism is a life changing event as it leads to a kind of despair and feelings of hopelessness in the parents. Parents feel devastated, as they are told that ASD is mysterious and there is no cure. The diagnosis is not the end of a process but the beginning. Classical homeopathy has been used with some success to both alleviate mental and physical symptoms, and sometimes to cure individuals with autism. Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that deals with treating the person as a whole. It is a system that treats the whole person rather than just focusing on the particular disease or condition. Homeopathy is based on the theory of similia similibus curanter i.e., like cures like which means the substance or medicine which that can cause symptoms in a healthy human being can cure the very same symptoms in a diseased person.


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  1. Dr Munavvar

    Hi Dr,

    I too have treated a couple of cases of autism sucessfully through classical homeopathy and in a case with the help of one more mediicne. It defintely is a time consuming, and thought provoking area where we Homeopaths can do a lot as compared to any other system of medicine as we have good scope in this and many other health issues. Such diseases test the patience of not only the patient, but the parents, siblings and physician as well. I may not be wrong in stating that most of us would comply with the fact that autism is a result of vaccinosis too. Its a pathetic scenario where more and more evidence in available on the internet, print media on the side effects of vaccines but yet we all are hapless and helpless in changing it and stopping it.
    Homeopathy, by and large has proven itself with its cures time and again. Need we say more. General acceptance all over the world is also in large numbers.


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Dr. Munawar
      I totally agree with you that case of autism is difficult to treat as it requires lot of effort and patience. Few successful cases are documented as far as autism is concerned. It would be so nice for our readers if you share some insights into an autism patients. Than you once again. regards


  2. Dr.Munavvar Shaikh

    Hi Dr Nancy,

    Generally a totality of symptoms reveals most of the times remedies from metal groups and others like Agaricus, Bufo Rana, Baryta carb, Hyoscyamus and coffea to name the most presccribed . It again depends on a lot of factors, entire history of the patient, causa morbi, miasmatic background, etc. People who read this blog shouldnt go and pick up these medicines OTC-over the counter unless prescribed by a registered Homeopathic practitioner. Autism spectrum disorders is a very huge and vast topic. What i have mentioned is just a little drop in the ocean. Nice and interesting topic Dr Nancy…



    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Thank you Dr. Munavvar for highlighting the importance of sound case taking. There’s no alternative to consulting your doctor in person face-to-face.


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