What do Nobel Laureates say about Homeopathy?

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Nobel laureates, doctors, scientists, professors and science writers had plenty to say on homeopathy.

Nobel Laureates agreed that there’s strong evidence for Homeopathy [click to tweet]. Homeopathic remedies act as they are supposed to. By the end of the year 2013, there have been 5 Nobel laureates in support of Homeopathy, 1 in opposition and 857 have not stated any opinion on Homeopathy.

1. Emil Adolf von Behring (1905)

The Father of Immunology

Emil Adolf von Behring (1854–1917) won the first Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 1901 for his discovery of the diphtheria antitoxin.

FATHER OF IMMUNOLOGY Emil Behring asked to suppress his successful work on Homeopathy. He discovered that homeopathic medicine enhances immunogenic activity. Behring wrote:

“Samuel Hahnemann was right when he took his starting point in the symptoms of patients.”

Ref: Coulter, Harris L, Divided Legacy: A History of the Schism in Medical Thought, Volume IV: Twentieth-Century Medicine: The Bacteriological Era. The North Atlantic Books, Berkley, 1994, p. 96

In 1892 Behring actually experimented with serial (homeopathic) dilutions and found paradoxically enhanced immunogenic activity, but he was advised to suppress this experiment due to the aid and comfort it would provide to homeopaths. Only after he won the Nobel Prize did he feel comfortable in making public these experiments. In 1905, Behring admitted that colleagues remonstrated with him not to make such remarks public ‘since it was grist for the mill of homeopathy’.

Ref: ibid p.97

Behring broke from orthodox medical tradition by recognising the value of the homeopathic law of similar in 1905

Ref: Dana Ullman http://bit.ly/HdOryq

He asserted that vaccination is, in part, derived from the homeopathic principle of similars.

“In spite of all scientific speculations and experiments regarding smallpox vaccination, Jenner’s discovery remained an erratic blocking medicine, till the biochemically thinking Pasteur, devoid of all medical classroom knowledge, traced the origin of this therapeutic block to a principle which cannot better be characterized than by Hahnemann’s word: homeopathic.

Indeed, what else causes the epidemiological immunity in sheep, vaccinated against anthrax than the influence previously exerted by a virus, similar in character to that of the fatal anthrax virus? And by what technical term could we more appropriately speak of this influence, exerted by a similar virus than by Hahnemann’s word “homeopathy”?

I am touching here upon a subject anathematized till very recently by medical penalty: but if I am to present these problems in historical illumination, dogmatic imprecations must not deter me….only the road of Homeopathy lead to my goal.”

Ref: Behring, A. Emil von, Moderne phthisiogenetische und phthisoitherapeutische: Probleme in historischer Beleuchtung. Margurg: Selbsteverlag des Verfassers, 1905, http://bit.ly/YVpoZs

Behring concluded,

“If I were confronted with a hitherto incurable disease and could see no way to treat it other than with homeopathy, I can assure you that I would not be deterred from following this course by dogmatic considerations”.

Ref: http://sueyounghistories.com/archives/2008/07/08/emil-adolf-von-behring-and-homeopathy-2/

2. Brian David Josephson (1997)

Nobel Laureate – Physics 1973

Nobel Laureate – Physics 1973

“Simple-minded analysis may suggest that water, being a fluid, cannot have a structure of the kind that such a picture would demand. But cases such as that of liquid crystals, which while flowing like an ordinary fluid can maintain an ordered structure over macroscopic distances, show the limitations of such ways of thinking.

There have not, to the best of my knowledge, been any refutations of homeopathy that remain valid after this particular point is taken into account.”

~Dr. Brian D. Josephson’s (Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge) responding to an article in the New Scientist (October 18, 1997) Ref: How Homeopathic Medicines Work: Nanopharmacology At Its Best

Josephson reinforced Jacques Benveniste’s idea that the biomolecules interact/communicate with each other by electromagnetic molecular signalling and quantum theory before they physically react with them (structural matching). He also demonstrated the influence of music on water molecules thereby generating dynamic wave patterns in water that changes with the change in pitch of the sound using Cymascope instrument.

Ref: Conference “New Horizons in Water Science — The Evidence for Homeopathy”, U.K.’s Royal Society of Medicine, London, 14th July 2018, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd5ME_H6FmE&list=PLC4DFD0206BF519DE&index=17

3. Luc Antoine Montagnier (2009)

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2008

“Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier is to science what homeopathy is to medicine” ~Nancy Malik

Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier was introduced to homeopathy and homeopathic research by Benveniste.
Ref: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2018/10/31/water-and-homeopathy.aspx

Interdisciplinary Sciences: Life Sciences (Springer)
Nanostructures in highly diluted biological samples of bacteria and virus DNA produces electromagnetic signals (2009) FULL TEXT

Luc Montagnier observed that potentised bacteria and virus DNA sequence emits electro-magnetic (EM) signals (low frequency radio waves) at 5C and 6C potencies and forms specific nano-structures which last 48 hours and are responsible for the EM effects measured. The EM signature changed with dilution levels but was unaffected by the initial concentration and remained even after the remaining DNA fragments were destroyed by chemical agents. However, the EM signal was sensitive to heat over 70 degrees C and freezing -80 degrees C. Not only that, DNA sequences were recreated from its EM signature in pure water in 18 hours in a container placed nearby. That means EM signals were transmitted to pure water that never had a DNA in it, exhibiting the teleportation effect of DNA. And when enzymes which copy DNA molecules are added to this water, they behave as if DNA molecules are present, producing new DNA molecules. He reproduced his results 12 times.

Discussion on Luc Montagnier paper by Society of HomeopathsInstitute of Science in Society,Homeopathy World Community

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier escapes intellectu­al terrorism and he currently works as a full-time professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University in China. Dr. Luc Montagnier, the French virologist said about homeopathy in an interview to Science magazine [Science, 24 Dec 2010: Vol. 330, Issue 6012, pp. 1732],

“I am told that some people have reproduced Benveniste’s results (showing effects from homeopathic doses), but they [Europe] are afraid to publish it [homeopathy] because of the intellectual terror from people who don’t understand it.”

“What I can say now is that the high dilutions are right. High dilutions of something are not nothing. They are water structures which mimic the original molecules.”

He concluded the interview by saying,

“These [homeopathy] are real phenomena which deserve further study” and Benveniste is today’s Galileo.

This shows intellectu­al terror the so-called science puts up on homeopathy and homeopaths

Water has a memory

Nobel Prize Winner does homeopathic study; with supportive findings.

Nobel Prize winner reports the effects of homeopathic dilutions

Luc Montagnier delivered a talk on “Electromagnetic Waves & Water Properties” in UNESCO Headquarter on 8th Oct 2014

4. Ervin Laszlo (2004)


Twice nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2004/5

“Water has a remarkable capacity to register and conserve information, as indicated by, amongst other things, homeopathic remedies that remain effective even when not a single molecule of the original substance remains in a dilution.”

~Dr.  Ervin Laszlo, Professor of ‘Systems Theory’ and the author of the book ‘Science and the Akashic Field’,  2004, p. 53.

5. Rabindranath Tagore (1936)

indian writer

Nobel Prize in Literature 1913

“I have long been an ardent believer in the science of Homeopathy and I fell happy that it has got now a greater hold in India than even in the land of its origin. It is not merely a collection of a few medicines but a real science with a rational philosophy as its base. We require more scientific interest and inquiry into the matter with special stress upon the Indian environment.”

Ref: Bagchi, A. K. Rabindranath Tagore and His Medical World. New Delhi: Konark Publishers, 2000

6. Saint Mother Teresa (1950)

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu

Nobel Peace Prize 1979

Mother Teresa added homeopathic care to the services at her missions. She opened her first charitable homeopathic dispensary in Calcutta in 1950. At present, four charitable homeopathic dispensaries are run under the guidance of the Mother’s Missionaries of Charity (The Sisters of Charity)

Ref: Dana Ullman, The Homeopathic Revolution: WhyFamous people and cultural heroes love homeopathy

7. Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi (1936)

Nominated 5 times Nobel Peace Prize between 1937-1948

“Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and nonviolently. Government must encourage and patronize it in our country. Late Dr. Hahnemann was a man of superior intellectual power and means of saving of human life having a unique medical nerve. I bow before his skill and the Herculean and humanitarian labour he did. His memory wakes us again and you are to follow him, but the opponents hate the existence of the principles and practice of homeopathy which in reality cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and it is beyond all doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science.”
~Mahatama Gandhi, 30 Aug 1936

Ref: Das, 1950; All India Homeopathic Medical Conference, 1968, http://sueyounghistories.com/archives/2009/07/26/mohandas-karamchand-gandhi-1869-%E2%80%93-1948/

“Homeopathy is the most modern and the most intelligent way to economically and nonviolent sick to treat. The government must promote in our country and support.”

-Gandhi cited in Martin Schmitz (ed.), Strömungen der Homöopathie, KVC Verlag Essen, Essen 2002

Gandhi also persuaded people to study homeopathy

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  1. Plasma Engineer

    So that makes it all look as though the science is plausible then? In actual fact, all the real science so far has failed to demonstrate that homeopathy is effective at all. Yes – I have seen it ‘work’ too – but then again people often get better without any treatment at all, and I recognise that personal testimony is worth next to nothing. That is why double-blind trials are carried out. It removes all the bias from the experiment and proves what is intuitively obvious – that no known mechanism explains homeopathy. You can get an idea of the quality of the science on this topic from the critique at : http://www.somethingsurprising.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/mixing-sciences-badly.html


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Upto the end of year 2010, there have been 299 studies published in 114 medical journals (92 integrative, 9 homeopathy and 13 CAM journals) including 11 meta-analysis, 8 systematic reviews including 1 cochrane review (out of approximately 20 systematic reviews published) and 81 RCT (68 DBRPCT + 2 SBRPCT + 6 DBRCT + 1 RPCT + 4 RCT) out of approx 225 RCT published) in evidence of homoeopathy to produce significant to substantial health benefits in a wide array of health conditions. https://drnancymalik.wordpress.com/article/scientific-research-in-homeopathy/


    • Dr Rekha

      You people are still pooh pooohing without solid evidences against Homoeopathy if you have guts then must prove those experiments upon your self and see the results if u r serious enough iam not mentioning about paid anti homoeopathy gimmicks


      • Dr. Nancy Malik

        Even Edzard Ernst, who is fond of by many septics, published two papers in favour of homeopathy
        1. Phlebology
        Complementary Treatment of Varicose Veins: A Randomised, Placebo-controlled, Double-blind Trial”
        Edzard Ernst, T. Saradeth, K.L. Resch, 1990, 157-163.
        Three doses of a popular German combination of eight homeopathic medicines were given daily for 24 days. Measures were venous filling time, leg volume, and subjective symptoms. The study found that venous filling time improved in those given the homeopathic medicines by 44%, while it deteriorated in the placebo group by 18%. Other measures also had significant differences.
        Linde OR=2.6 in favour of homeopathy, Linde Quality=1
        2. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology
        Homeopathy for post-operative ileus (1997)
        Barnes, Edzard Ernst
        6 trials, 776 patients, medicines: Opium, Arnica, Raphanus sativus, China, Pyrogenum. Two of the four studies that also measured time to first faeces reported a positive effect for homeopathy. A meta-analysis of all six included studies revealed a statistically significant effect in favour of homeopathy for time to first flatus (weighted mean difference (WMD) -7.4; 95% CI -4.0 to -10.8; p<0.05). This effect remained even with the exclusion of the two low quality studies (WMD -6.11; 95% CI -2.31 to -9.91; p<0.005). A significant effect in favour of homeopathy was also found for time to first flatus when a homeopathic remedy of less than 12C potency was used (4 studies; WMD -6.6; 95% CI -2.6 to -10.5; p<0.05). Conclusion: “there is some evidence to support the administration of a homeopathic remedy immediately after surgery to reduce the duration of ileus”
        4 out of 6 trials are of best quality. AMSTAR score=6/11


        • Sandra Courtney

          To add to the comment by Dr. Malik. From an interview of the Professor in 2003 by Sarah Boseley and published by the Guardian, I am taking the liberty of pasting this quote:

          “Ernst continues to study its therapies not to shoot it down, but in the hope of discovering what it is that does work. He treats his French wife with homeopathy, he says. ‘We were both brought up with it.’ ”



    • Wobbley Picklet

      When you click on the name of this contributor, you will find that the ‘critique’ he links to was written by himself.
      I still wonder why some people (often the ones with very flash websites) insist on misrepresenting research into homeopathy.
      Have a look at this (and it’s not written by me…it is actually from a mainstream dermatology journal): http://dermatologytimes.modernmedicine.com/news/individualized-homeopathic-treatments-address-skin-challenges-safely-effectively


  2. shadeydave

    I’m not 100% certain what this article is saying. A lot of your Nobel laureates are really far removed from medicine, and I doubt could even attempt to explain how homeopathic dilutions are supposed to work in a biological system. Most of the few actual medical practitioners you list are from the early 1900’s. A time when bloodletting was still thought of as a viable treatment for disease.

    This piece shows a strong ‘argument from authority’ and has very little substance. I really don’t mean to be a jerk here, but why not explain how it works, instead of caving to the ‘these smart people think its neat’ style of fallacy. You’re better than that.


    • Jana Shiloh

      If the world were a perfect place the billions going into Big Pharma would include research into homeopathy for how it works. In the meantime, homeopaths all over the world work from the facts of of their amazing results! Homeopaths without borders are doing incredible work in Africa….but it is never reported. Not being able to patent homeopathic medicines is the reason the drug industry, second only to the petrochemical industry in profits, block information about the homeopathic cures. Intellectual terrorism is a great expression! Unfortunately all too true.


    • Guy Chapman (SceptiGuy)

      What this post is saying is that Nancy believes that an appeal to authority is an acceptable substitute for credible evidence of mechanism and / or effect beyond placebo. She’s also saying that in her opinion an experiment which has not been peer reviewed or replicated, showing an effect with a duration in picoseconds which the experimenter says cannot be extrapolated to the substances used in homeopathy, is proof that homeopathy works because (a) it was done by a Nobel laureate and (b) er, something.


  3. Chandran Nambiar

    Whether some famous people support homeopathy or oppose homeopathy no way determines whether it works or how it works. Did any nobel laurette you listed above work upon this issue and prove any thing? Mother theresa, mahathma gandhi or tagore were not scientists. Their ‘support’ has nothing to contribute in scientific ‘proof’ of homeopathy.


  4. Shreya Deshpande

    Another great effort by Dr Nancy. Well after going through the above comments, one can derive only one conclusion that when it comes to any type of science, one needs to have an open mind to study its plus and minus. basically one cannot judge whether one mode of treatment works or not, unless we see it in person the way it annihilates human suffering. Whether it is preventive healthcare or treatment of various human maladies, homeopathy is fast getting popular as a mainstream medicine. Looking at the vast majority of people seeking homeopathic healthcare, one can easily know how powerful this system works.

    Especially in this century where almost all diseases have been credited for being originated in mind, homeopathy has better scope of treating them and curing them when given judiciously! Though these Nobel Laureates are not from medical profession, they are seen as some of the master brains that have insightful thinking about many issues bothering human existence. And certainly they cannot opine about an important mode of therapy without looking into its pros and cons or without thinking of their opinions being accepted by vast majority of people.

    Thank you Dr Nancy for this great post!


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Thank you Dr. Shreya. The proof lies in pudding. I totally agree with you that one should be open to various healing modalities because its a matter of health. Patients should have say in health matters, after all the patient is the central focus. The specialty of homeopathy lies in psychosomatic illnesses.

      Thank you Dr. Shreya for your better insights. Regards


    • RebekahGrace Paparella, CHom

      key words here: TO HAVE AN OPEN MIND.
      Thank you, Shreya.


  5. RebekahGrace Paparella, CHom

    For me this is “singing to the choir”. While others dispute the question of how or if homeopathy really works, I steadily assist folks to get unstuck from their painful patterns, be it mental, physical, or emotional. I have watched remarkable recoveries from debilitating migraines, autistic behaviors, seasonal allergies, depression, and so on-all of which costs about “eight cents”! THAT is why so called science feels threatened by us.


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      ConMed industry spends more on advertisement than research. We have little to spend either on advertisement or research. The key mantra is to keep on curing patients. That’s the way homeopathy has grown in last two centuries.


  6. Playing flute for the deaf ears is totally waste of time. I am associated with Homeopathy and it works faster, better than many system of medicine. Blind folded people never see, which way they are looking and going. Similarly, so called genius and educated modern day doctors are blinded with the notions and deny the truth about Homeopathy.

    Please remember that the founder of Homeopathy was an MD practitioner from Germany..

    Long Live Homeopathy


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Dear Dr. Shashi
      Thank You for your comment. In fact the earlier top-notchs were all MD practitioner who switched over from orthodox medicine to homeopathic medicine.


  7. Clement Doyer

    For the past 22 years, I have benn involved with homeopathy and animals. Placebo effects on dairy cows? I have seen whole herds with 35-350 animals cured of pneumonia, toxic mastitis, diarrhea and many more symptoms including mycoplasm. It is spectacular, specially if the ailment is acute, a bit longer when it is chronic.
    We conducted experiments on pigs also, on cats (800/year), and many more.
    I think that one has to stop thinking with high school chemistry and open one’s maind to quantum physics, which is how homeopathy works. E=MC2 (1909).
    By diluting, the particles are diminished, and the message (wavelength) is dynamised, augmented. Microbubbles carry the message. In contact with a mucus membrane, the message is carried by resonance and each molecule corrects itself, no more false note, cure.



      Dr CLEMENT,
      Its been great reading what you have mentioned about Homeopathy and the mode of action of the medicines,Lot of hue and cry has been happening off late to disqualify Homeopathy as a science.I wish all Homeopaths read your article and gain confidence.Take care Dr


      • cdoyer

        Now, 3 years later, we tested homepathic formulas as alternatives to antibiotics and anticoccydiosis in chickens, 200 000 were raised in commercial henhouses in Quebec, Canada. The results were as good or better than witness lots with “growth promoters” in term of infection, mortality and speed of growth. This month, we will start with a University in Thailand a double blind, placebo experience in cohort on 3 times 200 chickens. Results will be published.
        Let me add that close to 50 000 Cuban doctors in 38 countries use daily our formulas on the poorest people they care for since 2009. They report great results.


  8. debbybruck

    I just love Dr Nancy Malik for her bravery in speaking out and providing a marvelous resource of homeopathy. The data keeps adding up in favor of homeopathy.


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Dear Debby
      Thank You for your kind words. The evidence in favour of homeopathy has always been there. We just need to compile and make it available to all concerned.


  9. Dr. Nancy Malik


  10. Alex Murdoch

    You have listed a full 7 of the 863 recipients of the Nobel Prize. That’s 0.811%. Not exactly overwhelming support. I’m surprised you even posted this, it’s not evidence for anything. It’s a poorly cobbled together list of people who think Homeopathy works.


  11. benalilover

    I’m very inspired by this article and website. It will make me far strong for more working in the field of Homeopathy


  12. Dr S K Nandy

    modern medicine like Isotretinoin when potentised in 30c dilution can cure vascular headache.


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