Poll: Should pharmaceutical drug treatments be publicly funded by the NHS UK?

· homeopathy

Billions of pounds pumped in every year but the state and level of health of a UK citizen is not improving. Instead, 10,000 people in Britain die each year due to adverse drug reaction and drug intoxication [1]. UK Govt launched an inquiry into NHS Officials and Doctors bribed by allopathic pharma companies [2].

More and more people are queuing up for National Health Services (NHS). NHS is in need of reforms. NHS must reform in order to survive. Let NHS reform for the better.

UK can save lives and billions of £ if Spurious Conventional Allopathic Medicine (SCAM) is removed from NHS. Let the London knows that UK needs Homeopathy.

What’s wrong with it? Think about it!

Save Tax-payers money. Don’t let it go down the drain.

UK must follow the footsteps of Switzerland in an independent and transparent evaluation of medical systems so that the best of the medical treatments are available for her citizens. [click to tweet]

[1] Special Report on Prescription Medicines

[2] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/nhs/12160260/NHS-officials-with-second-jobs-at-drug-firms.html

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  1. Martin Robbins

    You say “the state and level of health of a UK citizen is not improving”, but on what basis? Life expectancy has risen dramatically in recent decades, increasing by about 3 months per year last time I checked. Childhood diseases that were widespread when my parents were growing up are things of the past. Genuine question – what makes you say that health isn’t increasing? Where’s the evidence?

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Now you have more of neurological diseases, anti-biotic resistant diseases and iatrogenic diseases which are more difficult to treat.

  2. ginckgo

    People die? Oh no! How could they let this happen?!?

  3. Donovanable

    “Instead 10,000 people in Britain die each year.”
    Do people normal reach immortality in the UK? This seems to be an illogical statement.

  4. Annie

    I can’t believe there are some people who think the NHS should not supply drug treatments. What treatment do they want from the doctor? A get-well-soon card?

  5. Old Rockin' Dave

    Whereas if the NHS went all homeopathic, NO ONE would die in the UK and everyone would live forever and ever, world without end. Right?

  6. Katkinkate

    The NHS should fund and supply whatever relevant treatments that are actually proven to work consistently above the level of a placebo, ie. those medications that have undergone and passed the extensive 3 phase clinical trial process, not most of the ‘alternative’ treatments.

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Agreed except that homeopathy is far more superior to placebo in its clinical effects

      • Dave


        • Dr. Nancy Malik

          There are more than 70 research studies showing homeopathy to be superior to placebo. I am stating just one of them
          http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9310601 (1997) // homeopathy is statistically significantly superior (2.45 times more effective and positive at 95% confidence interval) to placebo

  7. =8)-DX

    What an absurd poll. I guess people should just be left to endure pain, disease, illness and death without effective medication. Let’s all go back to just roots, seeds and berries and healthy excercise in the fresh air hunting mamoths!

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Let people be given informed choices about various system of medicines for a given medical condition available on NHS.

  8. Big Smallpiper

    Of course, there is no such thing as NHS UK. Perhaps that is a reflection of the general knowledge of the creator of the poll.

    And what’s this? ‘More and more people are queuing up for NHS.’ NHS Scotland has never kept me waiting. The service I get is outstanding.

    Have I stumbled on a humour site by accident?

  9. anarchic teapot

    Dear me, Nancy, you are a glutton for punishment. You keep repeated the same tired old canards and never change a word, even when they’ve been debunked a thousand timles in the article and comments.

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Same questions have same answers. Debunked by whom? Skeptics…..

      • anarchic teapot

        Yep, debunked by people who actually require rigorous scientific proof instead of accepting nebulous claims and biased “trials” at face value!

  10. ResCogitans

    if you plot infant mortality or life expectancy ect against time what do you find?
    you find that modern medicine has VASTLY improved the nation’s health from times of ignorant quackery.

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      where’s the evidence that only modern medicine has contributed to that?

  11. Lucy Grayson

    I was sent a link to this poll by Dr Malik, in what I can only assume was an attempt to sway my opinions about Homeopathy. I was prepared to come face-to-face with compelling arguments and plenty of information as to why pharmaceutical medication shouldn’t be funded on public money. I’m actually rather disappointed to find that this is nothing but empty statistics with NOTHING to back them up. I couldn’t possibly vote against public funding for pharmaceuticals when there are actual facts to prove that more people live longer and healthier lives because of it. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/mar/11/public-health-saving-lives-spending-less Publicly funded pharmaceutical treatments save lives. If that funding were cut, if the research could no longer be done to create new treatments, we would basically hurtle backwards. We have the ability to create amazing new ways of saving lives, of treating illnesses which ten years ago would have been fatal or unbearable. Pharmaceutical treatments have their problems, just the same as everything else, but the bigger picture must be observed and, contrary to this poll, the information MUST be presented correctly.

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Other systems of medicines including homeopathy are not always an alternative but many times complementary

  12. George Locke

    Evidence shows that pharmaceuticals are effective in treating disease. Do you have contrary evidence? Let’s see it, please!

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      The question is: what is more predominant in pharmaceutical drugs: effects or side-effects?

  13. Skepticat

    Power to your elbow, Nan, you are the best ambassador homoeopathy could have. This poll of yours is just the business! 🙂

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      The best ambassadors of homeopathy are those who have been benefited by its medicine. And there are around 500 millions of them.

      • Rumtopf

        Anecdotes are better than scientific studies? Sure thing.

        • Dr. Nancy Malik

          I wonder why you impart more importance to anecdotes rather than scientific studies.

  14. Joe

    Not from the NHS, but public funding of research would be a good idea as there wouldn’t be the shareholder pressure to get the ‘right’ result. Biotech companies could then bid to produce the end product under licence.

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      But in that case we have to ensure research is independent, not influenced by pharmaceutical giants.

  15. health4allnaturally

    The way the UK NHS is going, it will soon be bankrupt, and then they will not be able to afford expensive drugs anyway…..in comes homeopathy!! It’s only a matter of time, be patient.
    Most drugs don’t work in curing the problem – this is done so that the NHS keeps funding the prescriptions of expensive drugs untill the patient dies. There is a book written by Phillip Day – Health Wars. In this book he argues how the multinationals have a vested interest in keeping us ill because this is the only way that they will continue making mega-millions.

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Do you mean to say it’s all about business not health. if that is true, its bad for everyone especially patients.

  16. asim

    NHS should leave on public descretion , to whom they want their treatment to be done, it may be Homoepathic , natural , alopathic or any other certified treatment , by doing this way the expenses of NHS would drastically reduce because other treatments including homeopathy is a lot cheaper than the (conventional ) alopathic treatments.

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Patients must have their say because they are the major stakeholders in their health.

  17. Dr. Nancy Malik

    The result of a Guardian UK newspaper poll on Homeopathy in March 2012 is out https://www.pinterest.com/pin/26951297747545464/

    The result of British Medical Journal poll on Homeopathy in July 2015 is out https://www.pinterest.com/pin/26951297747545478/

  18. nocompulsoryvaccination

    I would have preferred the question – should studies of the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs be publicly funded and at arm’s length to the drug companies marketing the treatments. But surely, if public monies are being used to pay for treatments, they should be evidence based and most pharmaceutical products are not backed by independent evidence.

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      I think the time has to come critically examine which of the conventional treatments are evidence-based and which are not.

  19. Tony Lloyd

    Hi Asim

    You think people should get the treatment they want?

    Great, I have a system of medicine that requires regular intake of Real Ale. Should I be able to have Real Ale funded by the NHS (complementary therapies include crisps and peanuts)?

  20. Caroline

    So where is the scientific evidence for Homeopathy?

  21. asim

    Hi Tony….

    I think you did not read the complete comment, it has mentioned “Certified Treatment” not the treatment you are doing sitting in your home…… Thanks

  22. asim

    Hi Caroline….

    Please see the following link …. thanks


  23. Polls | Evidence-based Homeopathy linked to this post.
  24. Guy Chapman

    Nancy, please be clear for everyone, the “Dr” is not an actual accredited medical doctor’s degree is it?

    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      The legal status of homeopathy medicine in India is on an equal footing with conventional [Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)], Ayurveda (recognised since 1969), Unani, and Siddha medicine since 1973. More details at https://drnancymalik.wordpress.com/about/

      • BadPseudonym

        So what you’re saying, Nancy, is that in the UK (the country at which this farce is aimed), no it is not a recognised accredited medical doctor’s degree.

  25. Manon Larose

    We are not very scientific with our response to medicine and that is because we are not in a very scientific frame of mind when faced with pain or the prospect of dying. This is the reason why responses to questions on medication and vaccination solicit such violent vitriolic reactions (when is fact they should solicit thoughtful dialogue…).

    I don’t think there is any difference in the professional development of MDs or Homeopaths (or any other therapist for that matter). It goes a bit like “My medicine is the best, the only good medicine” followed by “Wow, I can’t cure everyone” and hopefully followed by “These are the conditions I can cure, these are the conditions I can relieve or palliate and these are the conditions that are beyond my scope of practice”.

    220 years of facts support evidence that Homeopathy is a safe, effective and inexpensive medicine. 100 years (give or take) support the fact that drugs and allopathic treatments deliver exactly what they promise: fast relief from unpleasant symptoms, and only symptoms. Sometimes this is enough but, particularly in chronic illness, it is seldom enough. The proof of that is that even though people are living longer (and this is certainly no ONLY due to the fact that we have more effective drugs), the third cause of death in the US is iatrogenic (due directly to the use of proper medication or therapeutic intervention) in one of the countries that has the most advanced allopathic medical system in the world. Also, far too many chronic illness sufferers end up on antidepressants or sleeping pills. This is not health. Being turned into an automaton on a had full of pills is not LIVING, it is existing.

    I am not even adverse in extremis to rendering a human being into an automaton temporarily if the goal is to save the life to then have time to return to health. But with the battle of the pharmaceutical industry to make increasing profits and the desperations of MDs to remain the only respectable medical practitioners, all this at the detriment of the patient’s wellbeing I draw the line.

    In medicine the only consideration is the patient’s wellbeing. Not our personal prejudice, not our cultural prejudice and certainly not ego or money. That is science, the rest… well, is not-science.

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