Poll: Should pharmaceutical drug treatments be publicly funded by NHS UK?

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Billions of pounds pumped in every year but the state and level of health of a UK citizen is not improving. Instead, 10,000 people in Britain die each year due to adverse drug reaction and drug intoxication [1]. UK Govt launched an inquiry into National Health Service (NHS) Officials and Doctors bribed by allopathic pharma companies [2].

More and more people are queuing up for NHS. NHS is in need of urgent reforms. NHS must reform in order to survive. Let NHS reform for the better.

Allopathic medicine has been dubbed as DEADLY by the Cochrane founder Dr Peter Gøtzsche because allopathic doctors are prescribing deadly medicines for not-a-deadly disease.
He also dubbed pharmaceutical companies offering medical conveyer belt of synthetic chemical drugs as organised crime.

Dr Assem Malhotra,a progressive Allopath from UK: Why modern medicine (synthetic chemical drugs) is a major threat to public health & why it doesn’t make you healthier?

Patients of allopathic medicine often wonder who will knock them down first: the disease or the side-effects of the synthetic chemical drugs.

Tracey Brown (from Sense about Science) said: Natural medicine not good for anyone [3]

UK can save lives and billions of £ if Spurious Conventional Allopathic Medicine (SCAM) is removed from NHS. Let the London knows that UK needs Homeopathy.

What’s wrong with it? Think about it!

You can’t fool your body. Synthetic chemicals are artificial. Get natural whether food or medicine.

Save Tax-payers money. Don’t let it go down the drain.

UK must follow the footsteps of Switzerland in an independent and transparent evaluation of medical systems so that the best of the medical treatments are available for her citizens. [click to tweet]

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[1] Special Report on Prescription Medicines

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[3] https://www.huffpost.com/entry/disinformation-homeopathy_b_969627

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