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“Ask for Evidence” of Homeopathy because the scientific evidence is vital to good decision-making and optimisation of resources. [click to tweet]

Answers to most of the questions on evidence of homeopathy are available at Scientific Research in Homeopathy In case you are not satisfied with the methodology/results of the research paper, you are requested to contact the authors or the editors of the journal first otherwise you are welcome to ask your questions in the comment section by entering the following data:

Ask/Claim: Your Question

You can ask like

  1. The name of the Journals where studies in evidence of homeopathy are published

  2. The kind of studies published in those journals such as basic fundamental research, Super-Avogadro Research, research models, pathogenetic trials, meta-analysis, systematic reviews, double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trials, in vitro, in vivo, etc

  3. The quality of trials such as Jadad score, AMSTAR rating, etc.

  4. The URL link to the full-text of the studies

  5. The articles on applied research in homeopathy for specific clinical conditions

  6. Advice on scientific matters such as how to evaluate the evidence, etc

Remember, this is not a discussion forum but preparing a database, so you are requested to keep your question short and based on your feedback, I may modify my answer to your question.

You will be provided with

Evidence: My Answer 

Important Points

1. If you wish to ask for an evidence of homeopathy on twitter, then send me a tweet and use #drnancymalik in your tweets.

  1. If you wish to ask me anything about homeopathy other than the evidence such as principles, concepts, etc, you may ask at Medicine Blog

  2. This campaign of  educating the medical and health professionals, scientific community, patients and to the general public is supported by “VoGS: Voice of Good Science” and “Sense About Medicine

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