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Homeopathy Follows an Eternal Law

“Similia Similibus Curentur”. In accepting this principle Homeopaths around the world are united. Dr. Hahnemann introduced an entirely novel and scientific method of studying drug-action. He demonstrated the effect of drugs on the living human being. He said, “Never take anything for granted, nor receive anything in any science as a truth, until you have investigated it for yourself.” Dr. Hufeland said, “Hahnemann was the greatest chemist of his day.” Professor Gottling said, “Chemistry has to thank Samuel Hahnemann for many important discoveries!”

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World Homeopathy Awareness Week 10-16 April

A week following the birthday of Hahnemann on 10th April to be celebrated as World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW)

Real awareness is the number 1 support to medicine. Raising Awareness of homeopathy among the masses can make the world a healthier and a happier place.

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World Homeopathy Day on 10th April

Greetings to medical and health professionals, the scientific community, patients and to the general public spread across 7 continents – a wonderful “World Homeopathy Day” on 10th April 2021 on account of the founder and father of Homeopathy Dr. Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann’s 266th birthday (born 1755, Germany). Every year 10th April is celebrated all over the world as ‘World Homeopathy Day as a tribute to Hahnemann. Medical doctors and patients of over 42 countries are joining together on 10th April for celebrations. The week following the birth date of Hahnemann is celebrated as World Homeopathy Awareness Week. Samuel Hahnemann is the Father of Homeopathy, Father of Human Pharmacology, Father of NanoMedicine and the Father of Infinite Dilution concept in Chemistry. Chinchona bark was to Hahnemann what the falling apple was to Newton and the swinging lamp to Galileo.

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