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Bigots vs Time-Tested Medicine

Guest Post Written by Iman Navab (The Author) Bigots [1] In 300 B.C., Hippocrates was accused by his colleagues; he was called dung-eater, because he so carefully took note of the character of the fecal and waste material. In 162 A.D., Galen, who guided the ideas of medical knowledge, was persecuted by the doctors of […]

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Science, Evidence-based Medicine and CAM…..it´s controversial!

Guest Post Written by Uta Mittelstadt (The Author) Introduction Patients are increasingly making their own healthcare their own responsibility, and are becoming more selective in what treatment and therapies they use in their recovery from illness [click to tweet]. Dissatisfaction with conventional treatment that is indifferent of a holistic view of health may produce more or […]

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Ask For Evidence; QED: Quality Evidence Demonstrated for Homeopathy

“Ask for Evidence” of Homeopathy because scientific evidence matters. It is vital in good decision-making and optimisation of resources. [click to tweet] In the comment section, enter the following data: Name: Location: Ask/Claim: Your Question Reference: You can ask like Name of the Journals where studies in evidence of homeopathy are published The kind of studies published […]

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