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There are two ways to get notified of every new post on your favourite blog or website

  1. By email subscription (You get notified of new post by email but your email is known to the owner whose blog/site you have subscribed to)
  2. By subscribing to RSS Feeds (You remain anonymous but you need to check the feed for any new post)

There are feeds for 26 websites on Homeopathy in this article [click to tweet]. Open the feed link in any web browser other than the Google Chrome.


Site1: Science-based Homeopathy Feed:

RSS Feed Reader

Site2: Homeopathy for Everyone Feed:

Site3: Society of Homeopaths Feed:

Site4: North American Society of Homeopaths Feed:

Site5: British Homeopathic Association Feed:

Site6: Homeopathy World Community Feed:

Site7: National Center for Homeopathy Feed:

Site8: Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy Feed:

Site9: Legatum Homeopathicum Feed:

Site10: Research in Homeopathy Feed:

Now you can view 7 out of top 10 RSS feeds in a single browser window.


Site11: Evidence-based Homeopathy Feed:

Site12: Science-based Medicine Feed:

Site13: Evidence-based Medicine Feed1: Feed2:

Site14: Voice of Good Science Feed:

Site15: Medicine Blog Feed:

Site16: EvidBasedHpathy @DrNancyMalik Feed:


Site17: FriendFeed Dr. Nancy Malik Feed:

Site18: Seminar and Conference Calendar Feed:

Site19: Discussion Forum Feed:

Site20: Google Photo Album Feed:

Site21: YouTube Videos Feed: RSS

Site22: Text to MP3 Podcast Feed:

Site23: The Tweeted Times Feed:

Site 24: Pinterest Feed:

Site 25: SoundCloud Feed:

Site 26: Flickr Feed:

Instead of going through all the above feeds, the best 12 feeds are aggregated to form a single MASTER FEED ON HOMEOPATHY . If you think I have missed any important feed on homeopathy, kindly mention in comment section. It would be added to the article.

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