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Science-based Homeopathy NewsLetter

Dear Doctor/Scientists/Patients

It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce the inaugural (first) issue of quarterly ‘Science-based Homeopathy’ NewsLetter. There is no better time than the month of April to start with as ‘World Homeopathy Day‘ and ‘World Homeopathy Awareness Week‘ is celebrated on account of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s birthday.

Need for Introducing Newsletter:

As the number of subscribers to Science-based Homeopathy blog has crossed 3750, further email notification of new posts on homeopathy will be delivered to your inbox via MailChimp’s Science-based Homeopathy Newsletter.

About NewsLetter

Frequency: Published in the first week of every quarter
Editor: Dr. Nancy Malik, BHMS
Medical Doctor of Homeopathy
Gurugram (formerly called Gurgaon), India

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Volume: 1 (2016), Issue: 1 (April-June): URL   PDF

Volume: 1 (2016), Issue: 2 (July-Sept): URL  PDF


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  1. dr b s chandel

    Use Homeopathy for human and animal and develop and use organic food and milk and milk products


  2. Una Ni Bhroin

    Please subscribe me to the newsletter. I am so sick of defending homeopathy to everyone I meet who doubts it works….


  3. Dr. Nilesh Sagarmalji chordiya

    Pls subscribe me


  4. Sumesh gandhi

    Good efforts


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