Reality medicine vs fantasy medicine

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con-med is undoubtedly a fantasy medicine

Heroes Not Zombies

Two papers published in the Lancet recently present contrasting views of the future of health care. Researchers in Scotland highlighted the fact that many people with chronic conditions suffer from more than one disease at a time.

The study looked for 40 chronic conditions among the participants’ data. Researchers found that 42% of patients had one or more conditions and 23% had two or more. It also found that only 9% of those with coronary heart disease, had that one disease alone. Similarly, only 23% of those with cancer, had only cancer and no other long-term disease

Why is this such an important point? Well, as the authors of the paper say

“Any country with an ageing population is heading in this direction. All these countries are waking up to the problem. “The status quo isn’t an option because it leads in the wrong direction.” Prof Watt said that rather than more specialists…

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