Handle Fevers with Homeopathy, Not Drugs

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Dengue and Chikungunya Fever with Homeopathy

A fever is the body’s attempt to activate the immune system’s white blood cells and defend itself from infection

Tongue in the diagnosis of Enteric fever and scarlet Fever


Research papers on Hay fever

Zeitschrift für Praktischen Medizin
Samuel Hahnemann. Cure and prevention of scarlet fever. 1801, Prophylactic properties of Belladonna in scarlet fever

British Medical Journal
Clinical Trials of Homeopathy (1991) FULL TEXT
5 out of 5 of the clinical trials in a meta-analysis for hay fever showed a positive result

Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing

Viburcol (Chamomilla, Belladonna, Calcarea carbonica, Dulcamara, Plantago major, and Pulsatilla) for treatment of fever (2005) // n=198 in 38 Belgian clinics,febrile symptoms such as fever, cramps, disturbed sleep, difficulty eating or drinking, crying, Viburcol as effective as acetaminophen but better tolerable

The Lancet

Prophylactic powers of Belladonna against Scarlet Fever (1829) The proper use of belladonna has, in most cases, prevented infection. Numerous observations have shown that, by the general use of belladonna, epidemics of scarlet fever have actually been arrested. In those few instances where the use of belladonna was insufficient to prevent infection, the disease has been invariably slight.

Allgemeine Anzeiger
Samuel Hahnemann. Treatment of typhus & fever at present prevailing. no. 6, Jan. 1814. Bryonia alba and Rhus tox

Lives saved by Homeopathy in scarlet fever, typhus fever and yellow fever

Homeopathic Medicines

  1. Red onion when peeled makes your eyes water and your nose burn. If you are having an attack of hay fever with watering eyes and a burning nose or a cold which is ‘worse indoors, better in open air’, a homeopathic remedy made from onion called allium cepa can relieve it. [1]


  2. In 1790, Dr Samuel Hahnemann discovered the principle of similar when he found that drug which was known to be curative actually produces those very symptoms when given to a healthy person. He said, “Substances which arouse a kind of fever extinguish the types of intermittent fevers…. Cinchona cures intermittent fever by virtue of its power to produce in the healthy, a similar affection” [1]

  3. Arnica montana may be the right choice if along with fever, there is shivering and cold all over the body, but the head is red and hot, or where there is coldness of the extremities, but internally the sensation is one of heat. [3]

  4. Belladonna is used to treat scarlet fever (bacterial disease) since the symptoms of belladonna poisoning closely resemble those of scarlet fever. [1]

  5. In 1798, in the paper, “Some kinds of Continued and Remittent Fevers”, Hahnemann recommends Ledum pal 6-7 grains, Ignatia 2-3 grains and Opium ½-1/5 grain. [1]

Preventive Medicine for fever [1] [2]
1. Preventive use of homeopathy was first applied in 1799 during an epidemic of scarlet fever in Königslütter, Germany, when Dr. Hahnemann prescribed a single dose of Belladonna as the remedy of the epidemicus genus to susceptible children in the town with more than 95% success rate.

2. Eupatorium perfoliatum is one specific medicine for prevention of chikungunya fever when taken during an epidemic.

1. Clemens Boenninghausen’s Intermittent Fevers
2. Dr Henry Clay Allen’s Therapeutics of Fever






[1] Nancy Malik. Basic Principles of Homeopathy Explained

[2] Nancy Malik. Welcome to Homeopathy! 25 FAQ answered

[3] Uta Mittelstadt, Must Have Arnica


As a parent, is there anything more frightening than a young child with a high fever? Even those of us who have decided to raise our children without the use of drugs could find our resolve weakening without proper preparation in the face of a thermometer reading north of 103⁰. Before you grab the Tylenol, take the time to memorize these three fever remedies.


This is the whole point of my recently introduced system How to Raise a Drug Free Family. We owe it to our families to learn this stuff now, before the fever hits or the flu appears.


Here’s my easy to remember ABC guide to treating fevers with homeopathy:


A) Aconitum 30: This remedy is useful for a fever with quick onset. In contrast to an illness that develops over several days, fevers that can be helped with Aconitum are suddenly high…

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