Homoeopathy is Scientific NanoMedicine: Study

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New Delhi, Dec 5,2011: Debunking the oft-repeated debate of quashing ‘sweet milk powder pills’ as mere ‘placebo’, a latest study has shown that Homoeopathy may be a highly scientific ‘Nano-Medicine’.

“Even the highest dilutions of remedies have left signatures of respective original molecules in their nano-particle form, when subjected to electron microscopy studies, validated later by wavelength analysis,” claims Prof. Jayesh R.Bellare of the prestigious IIT-Bombay.

Prof. Jayesh, Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering, was sharing findings of  his ongoing research on the “Materials Science of  Homoeopathic Medicines: A Nanoparticulate Perspective” with the delegates of the just concluded 66th World Homoeopathic Congress of  Liga Homoeopathica Medicorum Internationalis (LMHI).

This gains significance when massive investments had been made world over in the so-called modern medicine to encourage nano-medicine to find out medicated nano-particles that could target a chosen diseased cell or cells to treat the sick.

Jayesh’s initial experience…

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