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Friends of Science in Homeopathy


Friends of Science in Homeopathy (FSH), an online association originally formed on 13th May 2011 as a research database in Homeopathy, consists of professionals from various science streams including health and medicine. In the last few decades, there has been an increase in the use of integrative (collaborative research and cooperative work) medicine like Homeopathy. According to World health Organisation, highly acclaimed service of Homeopathy is the fastest-growing and second-most widely-used system of medicine in the world [1] [click to tweet]. Homeopathic medicine is firmly rooted in laws of nature and proven principles of modern science and supported by sound research methodology for its efficacy and effectiveness [click to tweet].

The demand for homeopathy has spurred the governments (regulatory authorities) to increase resources, education, infrastructure and research funding of Homeopathy.

This has spurred the growth of homeopathy among health professionals and the general public. More and more people have availed the expertise of Homeopaths in many medical conditions.


Improving global health and to empower people to live vibrant life through universal access to Homeopathy


1. Encouraging Universities to start medical degree education on Homeopathy: The teaching of advanced medical courses on Homeopathy by academicians in government-accredited universities helps them to maintain the highest educational standards. More universities will be encouraged to do the same.

2. Fostering good science in Homeopathy for better healthcare: Homeopathy is subjected to the highest standards of research. By conducting quality research in Homeopathy, the scientists in research institutions have created new benchmarks in research standards. Other systems of medicine should also be evaluated to the same standards. More scientists will be encouraged to do the same.

3. Right of freedom of choice of therapy for Patients: It is a fundamental right of the patient to have access to Homeopathy and for a medically qualified doctor to provide the same. An informed choice about the various system of medicines including Homeopathy will create a level-playing field. For this doctors need to be trained rigorously in homeopathic system of medicine. FSH will strive and ensure that every penny spent by patients on health is utilised by advocating for the rights of patients including the right to be heard by medical doctors and the final decision regarding the type of medical intervention. People choose Homeopathy because they have seen it work when nothing else would.

4. Health Insurance for all: Homeopathy is covered by state and private medical Insurance companies by an act of Indian Parliament. Insurance cover for homeopathy is around £70 per year in the United Kingdom.  Those who do not reimburse for Homeopathic treatments will be encouraged to do so.

5. Encouraging pharmacists to sell homeopathic medicines: Science-based Pharmacy has every right to sell, promote and recommend homeopathic medicines and earn.

6. Educating the general public about synthetic chemical drug-based mumbo-jumbo medicine (conmed/pretend medicine) where fraudulent manipulation of research data is common. Dr. Steven Eaton who faked research data for 6 years jailed for falsifying cancer drug test results


  1. There is nothing like alternative medicine. If it works, it is either evidence-based Homeopathy or Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM)

2. If the medicine is evidence-based, it is not alternative but homeopathy.



977 Friends of Science have already joined FSH in the last three years. Hover over the image to view their name and Click on the image to see their profile. These include mostly individuals (most of them are medical doctors).


  1. Voice of Good Science

  2. Sense About Medicine


  1. Friends of Homeopathy Australia
  2. North West Friends of Homeopathy
  3. Friends of Bristol Homeopathic Hospital

  4. Friends of the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine

  5. Friends of the Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine


Q1. What is Science?

According to Webster’s New World dictionary, the word ‘science’ comes from the Latin sciens, present participle of scire, that means ‘to know’. The dictionary says:

  1. originally, knowledge.
  2. systematised knowledge derived from observation, study and experimentation.
  3. a branch of knowledge, especially one concerned with establishing and systematising facts, principles and methods.
  4. a). the systematised knowledge of nature. b). any branch of this.

Homeopathy, for example, is a science because all knowledge pertaining to homeopathic medicines is derived from observation, study and experimentation.

Q2. What is Health?

Health is not just merely an absence of disease but a state of equilibrium of the vital force that keeps the constitution of an individual whole in harmony. Health is freedom from pain on the physical plane, confusion on mental plane (mental clarity) and passions on the emotional plane (emotional calm) [2]. Signs of good health, apart from others, is refreshing sleep.

[3] Homoeopathy that takes the long view of health, attempting to make our patients stronger and more capable of dealing with issues and problems independently of treatment. This is, in fact, the true strength of homoeopathy, to improve a person’s life beyond the immediate disease they present with.

Q3. What is a disease?

A disease is a dynamic disposition (alteration) in harmony of the constitution (due to dis-arrangement of vital force) not just the physio-chemical alteration of tissues. Functional changes always precede tissue changes and pathology. [6]

Q4. What is a cure?

The cure is “the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, based on easily comprehensible principles” [4]. Cure means the recovery of the state of stability of physiological norms [5].

Q5. What is the position of FSH on research?

Worldwide research budget for homeopathy is <$2 million annually. Homeopathy remains medicine and science best-kept secret. Only scientific research can propel Homeopathy further.

Q6. What are those good reasons that patients prefer Homeopathic medicine as a choice of medical treatment in modern healthcare?

Some of the good reasons to choose Homeopathy are: Wholistic Medicine, Gentle, Excellent for psychosomatic ailments, better substitute to antibiotics, Tried and tested and Long lasting to a permanent cure.

Q7. Where I can know more about Homeopathy?

Basic Principles of Homeopathy Explained

Q8. What are the alternatives to Homeopathy?

There are 8 alternatives to Homeopathy

Q9. What are allied health professions?

Psychologist, Dietician/Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Yoga

Q10. What is SCAM?

SCAM stands for spurious conventional allopathic medicine. In the marketplace, there is a lot of counterfeit CAM available. It is a moral duty of the citizens to reject SCAM.

Q11. My question is not listed. Where should I find my answers?

25 most frequently asked questions on Homeopathy answered


How to determine whether you need modern medicine or Homeopathic medicine for a given disease condition?


  1. Science-based Medicine
  2. Pearl Trees


FSH value your free membership. Stay informed. Individuals and Organisations are requested to Join


  1. Support the principle of good science in homeopathy by sharing your experience and expertise in wide range of health issues. Articles and Suggestions of activities and strategies are invited.
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The Science of Homeopathy by Prof. George Vithoulkas


If you need more information about FSH, do write to us or ask in comment section below


1] World Health Report, WHO Global Atlas of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Map Volume, 2005
[2] George Vithoulkas. The Science of Homeopathy. The Three Levels of the Human Being: The Definition and Measure of Health. pg. 40.
[3] David Kempson. HPathy Forum
[4] Hahnemann S. Organon da arte de curar. 6th ed. São Paulo: Robe; 1996.
[5] Vitalism and vital normativeness, Denise Scofano,Madel T Luz

[6] Nancy Malik, World Health Day on 7th April


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      • Sanjib Chattopadhyay

        I have gone through the webpage of Dr Nancy Malik and have the same opinion.
        Homeopathy is indeed a highly scientific method of treatment. In other words, it is as scientific as vaccination is. How it works was a puzzle for long decades. Now it was almost solved. Failure in one or few cases does not prove the science wrong. Likewise, there may be success in few cases of witchcraft, but it does not prove it to be true. The true science must have a scientifically explicable hypothesis free from scientifically unsubstantiated jargons. You may find the latest research articles in the webpage You must admit that Hahnemann was the real father of modern science of medicine.


        • Katherine Barker

          no it isn’t scientific – all double-blind trial show it is a great placebo, but has no medical effects. why vaccination worked was immediately obvious – the difficulty was making sure it was both effective & safe.

          and no, he wasn’t – he was either deluded or a quack


        • sanjibchatt

          Dear Dr Malik,

          Thank you for your compliments. Your attempt to set up the theory of homeopathy on a scientific platform is also praiseworthy. I am working to find out the modus operandi of homeopathic drugs since the year 2000 and published following three papers, included as pdf at my webpage The articles explicitly postulate that there might be some remnant of the original drug molecules in infinitesimal succussed dilution, which can be detected by more sophisticated instruments. It was not possible at that time, except some workers found alterations of ‘punctured voltage’, NMR spectra, and Fourier Transform Infra Red spectra of water beyond Avogadro’s limit dilutions, due to difference in hydrogen bond structure. The latter was actually an indication of hidden or impregnated drug molecules within the diluent medium. Chikramane et al brought it to light by employing some advanced technology in 2010 and 2012, which can be regarded by and large as an experimental support of the hypotheses included in the following research papers, published much earlier.

          1. Proposition of a new system of medicine based on tolerance principle. Medical Hypotheses, 2002, 59(2): 191-203
          2. Biomathematical modeling for diluted drugs. Medical Hypotheses, 2003, 61(1): 56-59
          3. Whether the medicines are truly nonmolecular? Journal of Homeopathic Research, 2006, 1(1): 104-114

          You may include the same at your weboage section: How does super-Avogadro dilutions in homeopathy work?

          With Regards
          Yours truly
          Dr Sanjib Chattopadhyay


        • Dr. Nancy Malik

          Thank You Dr. Sanjib. I have gone through your webpage and I appreciate your knowledge and keen interest in decoding how homeopathy works. I have included the following paper in my research database and will be updated on relevant webpage of my wordpress blog soon. We are close in decoding how homeopathic medicine works. Regards
          Biomathematical modeling for diluted drugs. Medical Hypotheses, 2003, 61(1): 56-59


  1. Sanjib Chattopadhyay

    Placebo controlled double blind trial cannot always confirm efficacy of homeopathic drugs because all the individuals may have minute difference in their protein profile. Even it differs between identical twins. Allopathic drugs, on the other hand, work upon bulky functional enzymes much downstream than the metabolic targets of homeopathic drugs. Hence, the minute difference in symptoms does not affect the action of allopathic drugs, Had the homeopathic drugs were suggested on individuals based on symptoms, such a trial would be successful.


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Thank You Dr. Sanjib for your valuable comments. I have gone through your website. I appreciate your command on the knowledge regarding how homeopathic medicine works. Looking forward to your words of wisdom. Regards


  2. Ullaskar Banerjee

    i am fully agree with you.but vital force theory ís not valid from the outlook of mordern science. so this explanation should be a known one of contemporary science.


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Vital Force, also known as life force or automatic life energy is akin to homeostasis/natural defense mechanism.


      • Sanjib Chattopadhyay

        We cannot visualize the ‘vital force’ or ‘energy’ but can realize the forceful flow of nutrients and defensive proteins and other metabolites, which initiate growth, protect our body from the attack of diseases. Conversely, the negative forces, which afflicts the ‘vital force’ and fills our body with parasites, pollutants, deleterious metabolites, etc, and reduce the normal flow of useful metabolites, might be called ‘disease force’. ‘Medicinal force’, on the other hand, is comparable to a minute form of ‘disease force’. It causes stimulation of ‘vital force’ at the deeper portion (upstream) of the metabolic pathway, so that the disease causing agents, living or non-living, are ejected. Noticeably, ‘vital force’ always spurts from inside to outside of human body. On the contrary, ‘disease force’ and ‘medicinal force’, according to Hahnemann’s logic, always invade from outside to inside, though the latter is much faster to penetrate the human body than the former due to high dilution of the same.


        • Dr. Nancy Malik

          Vitalism is the metaphysical doctrine that living organisms possess a non-physical bio-energetic self-powered inner inborn biological strength that gives them the property of life.


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