A portrait of Samuel Hahnemann – Part I

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In the students world of homeopathy we hear plenty of rumors about the elusive Hahnemann. But who was he really, and WHAT was he fighting for? The last few days have taken me on a brief historical trip, with the intention of gaining better insight into the healing mind of Samuel Hahnemann.  

Just as Shakespeare is a universal symbol for actors, so is Hahnmann to homeopathy. Samuel Hahnemann was born in 1755 in Saxony, Germany, and through most of his life in Germany chose always to live close to the River Elbe. Hahnemann was born into an age where medicine and its science looked unquestionably different from todays. He constantly sought insight into humans sufferings, often adopting an attitude of common sense in the cases of patients whom had been given up by hysterical superstition. He was proficient in several languages and translated many books. He also wrote several books…

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