Integrative Medicine for Iron-Deficiency Anemia

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Iron-deficiency Anemia


Integrative Medicine: Homeopathy, Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Dietary Supplements

No Medicine: Naturopathy, Home remedies, Yogasana

People with anemia don’t have enough robust, healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen in their blood throughout your body, which means the heart must work harder to pump enough oxygen to their organs.


RBC   Anemia Type Most Common causes Confirmatory test
Size Large Megaloblastic Vitamin B9 deficiency
Pernicious Vitamin B12 deficiency
count Low Iron-deficiency Anemia (IDA) Worms, impaired absorption of iron, nutritional def, chronic disease Ferritin
Aplastic Autoimmune Bone marrow biopsy
Sickle cell Genetic mutation HbS
hemolytic Hereditary Direct Antiglobulin test
shape Abnormal Sickle cell

Fig.1: Different Types of Anemia and their causes


Hypochromic: less red colour in RBC

Microcytic: smaller size of RBC

Macrocytic: large size of RBC

Hypoplastic: low production of RBC

Anisocytosis: unequal size RBC

Parameter   Anemia Type
MCV Low IDA, sideroblastic anemia, Thalassemia
high pernicious anemia
Ferritin low IDA
Transferrin high IDA
MCHC high Sickle cell

Fig. 2: CBC differential diagnosis


Iron from food is absorbed mostly in the jejunum (part of the small intestine). Iron combines with oxygen in the body and enters the blood where it binds with transferrin to form Hemoglobin (haem 6% + 94% sulphur-containing protein) and is stored as ferritin. [click to tweet]

Symptoms: The deficiency of iron in the body results in fatigue, low energy levels, weakness, pale skin and tongue, shortness of breath especially while climbing stairs, dizziness, change in appetite, restless leg syndrome, inflammation of the tongue, cracks in corner of the mouth, changes in the nail, difficulty in swallowing, gastritis (stomach lining inflammation)

Diagnostic Tests

Blood Test:

Low: Hb, iron, ferritin (protein), % transferrin saturation, MCH, MCHC, Reticulocyte count


Urine test: haematuria

Endoscopy: upper or lower GI to find/rule out GI tract bleeding & malignancies

Causes of IDA

  1. Worms
  2. Impaired absorption of iron due to

a. Problems in small intestine such as Giardiasis (fever due to diarrheal infection), celiac disease (intestine lining damaged due to gluten intolerance), inflammatory bowel disease (inflammation of the small and large intestine) or less secretion of digestive enzymes.

b. Deficiency or overproduction of Hydro Chloric Acid in stomach

c. Pica – craving for ice, etc

d. Hookworm

  1. Low production (due to defect in bone marrow, blood loss due to GI tract bleeding, gastritis, hypothyroidism) or excessive destruction of RBC
  2. Nutritional deficiency – Inadequate iron, proteins and vitamins
  3. Chronic diseases

Cure progresses in the following order

  1. Pica removed
  2. Desire for cold drinks removed (if any)
  3. Tongue getting red
  4. Nails getting red


Miasm: Sphylitic

Worm Infestation: Embelia ribes, Tinospora cardifolia, Moringa olifera, Termunalia chebula, Sulfur, Bakson Worm C, etc.

Alumina: Desire for Raw Rice

Calcarea Phosphorica: Desire for Lime, Slate, Pencil, earth, chalk, clay. Aplastic anemia. Increases bone-marrow activity to produce more R.B.Cs, W.B.Cs (leukocytes) and platelets

Ferrum Phosphorica: Hemoglobin constituent, oxygen carrier in the body.

Natrum Muraticum: Regulates pack cell volume (PCV) of blood

Cinchona: loss of vital fluids

Calcarea Carbonica: debility

Helonias: haemorrhage

Arsenicum album: Pernicious anemia


Iron deficit can be calculated at

Worm Infestation: Mebendazole, Albendazole, Mintezol, Tibrax

Elemental Iron upto 6 mg per kilo-gram to be given in 2-3 divided doses. Only ferrous form of iron is absorbed. Ferric gets converted to ferrous in the acidic environment of the stomach.

Ferrous: Fumarate (33% elemental iron, 33% absorption by body), Sulfate (20% elemental iron, 20% absorption), Gluconate (12% absorption), Ascorbate, Fructose (25% elemental iron), Succinate (23% elemental iron), lactate (19% elemental iron), Carbonate (16% elemental iron), Glycine citrate (23% elemental iron), Glycine sulphate,bis-glycinate (20%elemental iron), tris-glycinate, glycinate, oxalate

Ferric: Ammonium Citrate (17-22% elemental iron), Hydroxide, sulphate, colloidal ferric hydroxide, sodium feredetate, polysaccharide iron complex

Colloidal Iron

Carbonyl Iron (small particle preparation of iron)

Iron choline

Iron injections: iron dextran, iron sucrose (preferred over dextran), ferric gluconate


Vitamins: B9 (folic Acid), B12 (spirulina), C (Limcee)

Minerals: Cobalt, Manganese, Copper

Proteins: Amino-Fit, Proteinex, spirulina

Amino acids which contains a sulphur atom: Cysteine, Methionine

Iron absorption is maximum with citrus fruits because of vitamin C

Absorption of iron from food is reduced by certain substances such as calcium, antacids, alcohol, tea, caffeine, oxalic acid rich foods, etc.

Vitamin B12 should be taken with folic acid.


Tablet: Hemtab

Powder: Talisadi, Triphla, Maha-sudharshan

Bhasm: Lauh, Kasis, Swarn Makshik, Mandoor

Syrup: lauha sav, Hempushpa

Worm Infestation: Syrup Kramihar, Vidang Asav, brahmi, chirata

UNANI: Majoon Khabsul Hadeed, Faulad, habb-e-khubsul, Faqruddam

SIDDHA: Annabedhi Chendhuram (Ferrous sulfate)


Fruits: Pomengrate (anaar), Watermelon (Tarbooz)

Juice: Wheatgrass (70% chlorophyll), Chlorophyll

Proteins: Sprouts


Iron: use iron utensil to cook food

Green leafy vegetables: palak, Bathua, Fenugreek (Methi)

Salaad: Beetroot (chakundar)

Flour (Aata): Millet (Bajra)

Chutney: Coriander (Dhaniya)

Dry Fruit: Dates, Dried black grapes (munakka), Dried apricot (khumani)

Others: jiggery (gur), black til, cardamom (chhoti illachi), long peper, glycerine+lemon juice, curd+turmeric (haldi), chickpea (chana)

Proteins: Carrot, Soyabean, Egg, Sulphur containing protein such as cheese


Vitamin B9: Spinach (paalak)

Vitamin B12: Egg, Curd, Yeast

Vitamin C: Gooseberry (Amla), green chilly


Copper: Peanuts, Mushroom, turnip (Shalgum)

Manganese: Pineapple

Worm Infestation: Tomato+Rock Salt (sendha)+Black salt (Kala)+ajwain, Peepal, Azadirachta Indica (neem), Mint (pudina), cucumber, radish

YOGASANA: Head (ulta) pose, shirsh, sarvang, paschimottan, sirsasang, ultan


You have multiple system of medicines to treat Anemia. Visit Dr Nancy’s Homeopathic Clinic, Gurgaon if your anemia remains unresolved.

This webpage was last updated on 20 May 2020


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  1. Noah Caloprato

    Moringa has Vitamin A Beta Carotene, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pyrodixine, Biotin, Ascorbic Acid, Cholecalciferol, Tocopherol and Vitamin K.


  2. Ava Vance Drasperton

    Letting plants over mature causes the red chlorophyll inside the plant to become far more dominant as the green dies off.


  3. Nickelback – When We Stand Together official Zaneube

    Wheatgrass Juice is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available and contains nearly 70 of chlorophyll.


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