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Science-based Homeopathy NewsLetter

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Friends of Science in Homeopathy

Friends of Science in Homeopathy (FSH) consists of 975 professionals from various science streams including health and medicine. According to the World Health Organisation, highly acclaimed service of Homeopathy is the fastest-growing and second-most widely-used system of medicine in the world. This has spurred the governments & regulatory authorities to increase resources, education, infrastructure and research funding of Homeopathy. The mission objectives of FSH includes encouraging universities to start medical degree education on Homeopathy, fostering good science in Homeopathy for better healthcare, right of freedom of choice of therapy for patients, Informed choice about Homeopathy, Health insurance for All, encouraging science-based pharmacies to sell and promote homeopathic medicines and educating the general public about synthetic chemical drug-based mumbo-jumbo medicine. The FSH initiative is supported by ‘Voice of Good Science’.

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Medicine and The Placebo Effect

Guest Post Written by Vinton McCabe (The Author) I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the “placebo effect.” Mostly because I have noticed that the Skeptics—that crazy-quilt of organizations in the English-speaking world who are making such a noise on the internet when it comes to something near and dear to my heart, […]

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Science, Evidence-based Medicine and CAM…..it´s controversial!

Guest Post Written by Uta Mittelstadt (The Author) Introduction Patients are increasingly making their own healthcare their own responsibility, and are becoming more selective in what treatment and therapies they use in their recovery from illness [click to tweet]. Dissatisfaction with conventional treatment that is indifferent of a holistic view of health may produce more or […]

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QED: Quality Evidence Demonstrated for Homeopathy

Ask for Evidence” of Homeopathy because the scientific evidence is vital for good decision-making and optimisation of resources. You are welcome to ask research questions that may include the name of journals, request for full-text of the articles, the kind of studies published, articles on applied research in homeopathy for specific clinical conditions and the quality of trials. This campaign of educating the medical and health professionals, scientific community, patients and to the general public is supported by “VoGS: Voice of Good Science”.

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51 Research Papers on Combination Homeopathic Medicines

Traumeel, Sinfrontal, Zeel, Tonsilotrena, Spiroflor, Viburcol, Canova..

Upto the end of year 2010, there have been 53 studies published in 36 peer-reviewed medical journals (29 integrative, 1 homeopathy and 6 CAM journals) including 1 meta-analysis, 1 systematic review and 23 DBRPCT in evidence of combination remedies in homeopathy. These 53 studies on combination remedies are part of the total 299 human studies in evidence of homeopathy upto the end of 2010.

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