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Guest Post Written by Dr. Shreya Deshpande, BHMS

Hair-fall is one of the commonest symptoms with which patients present to us. Sometimes it is an associated symptom of some other major disease symptom or it is the disease per say. I have not observed any age limit for this problem. Rather, the age limit is decreasing sadly day by day for hair problems. Earlier hair troubles usually used to start during mid-thirties, but today many teenage girls and boys complain of some or the other hair problems. The major complaints about hair are hair fall, dandruff, alopecia aerata, premature greying of hair, brittleness of hair, split ends, dry scaly scalp, etc. [click to tweet]

Many times first question asked to us doctors in our clinics is- “Which oil or shampoo shall I use to grow nice and healthy hair?” Well, do these oils and shampoos really help your hair? At least these external applications are merely external and never lead to any inward nourishment, however, their advertisements may boast. No wonder anti-dandruff shampoos lead to enhanced dandruff 2 to 3 days after shampooing. That’s why it is necessary that one treats any hair problem internally.

Also, the increasing pollution, stress, night-outs, etc are some other factors that have aggravated the hair problems in many. Therefore, even if we suggest internal medication in homeopathy, we must also ensure that we educate the patient about right modes of living, natural lifestyle, and how to handle stress. Then only it will be what we can say as a “Complete Therapy”!

Factors important to consider before one starts hair treatment homeopathically-

(1) Root cause– In most cases of hair fall, some or the other cause can be traced, given the patient gives apt history to his doctor (Well, it’s certainly the duty of doctor to pursue the patient to give apt answers). The cause can be physical like some intermittent fever that could be traced back, child-birth, lactational phase, some chronic illness, some drug abuse, excess alcoholism, bad hygiene, some hormone treatment, etc. The importance of telling this is that, unless one knows the cause, complete hair treatment cannot be undertaken. And it is also important to note that if the causative factor turns into maintaining cause (like for example, in case of bad hygiene), no treatment can be of help. Depending upon the cause, apt homeopathic medicine and its dosage can be chosen, but in case of external cause, it has to be nullified before starting treatment.

(2) Internal factors– This is what is called as constitutional factor in homeopathy. Every individual is born with certain traits. Those traits need be identified and treated according to the physical characteristic and mental characteristic symptoms of the patient. It is imperative to ask questions right from the childhood of the patient to identify an unknown cause that may be the cause sometimes. Also, the miasmatic study is extremely crucial in case of hair fall. The identifying difference between psoric, syphilitic, sycotic, and tubercular hair fall paves the way for better recovery and faster compliance from the patient.

(3) Hereditary factor– One of the commonest questions some patients ask is- “My Dad is a bald guy and he developed baldness in his mid-forties. Do I still have a chance not to develop baldness at such a young age with your treatment?” Important question indeed. Definitely certain hereditary or genetic factors play a crucial role in hair growth and maintenance. We often see nice long hair in a girl whose mother also has thick and shiny hair. Obviously, the opposite is also true. The rule of thumb in such cases is that, if the homeopathic treatment is started immediately after you notice the start of developing baldness, better are the results. There have been cases of baldness successfully treated with homeopathy in middle age too, but such cases are few and we must acknowledge that. Start your treatment early and you certainly have a chance to have thick hair in your middle age when your Dad was a bald guy!

Let’s see some important homeopathic medicines that help in treatment of baldness-

1. Fluoric acid-

– Alopecia, tendency to develop alopecia in families

– Alopecia aerata

– Brittle hair

– Idiopathic hair fall

– Hair falls in spots, vertex baldness

– Hair tangles easily

– Buoyant attitude towards life

– Extreme irritability and anger

– All complaints aggravated by warmth and better by cold application etc

2. Phosphoric acid-

– Any sort of grief leading to hair fall

– Takes stress easily

– Early greying of hair (sometimes in childhood)

– Progressive thinning of hair

– Difficult comprehension of things

– Long-standing effects of mental agony and patient lives in the state of shock for long

– Extreme debility

– Craves juicy things

3. Phosphorus-

– Patchy baldness

– Dryness of hair and scalp, itchy scalp, dandruff

– Hair fall in handfuls while combing

– Alopecia aerata

– Frontal baldness

– Thin physique, long fingers, high cheek bones

– Weakness with excess emotional vulnerability and impressionability

– Extremely sympathetic persons who go out-of-the-way to help others

– Hair-fall after any hemorrhagic disorder

– Scurvy

– Fearful when alone

– Better in company

4. Graphites-

– Hair-fall on sides

– Patchy baldness

– Itchy, humid eruptions on scalp that emit fetid odour

– Constipation associated with hair fall

– Chilly, fat patient with tendency to develop one or the other skin problems

– Menopausal hair fall

5. Mezereum-

– hair stick together

– fall in handfuls

– crusty eruptions on scalp leading to hair fall

– itchy scalp, dandruff

– psoriasis affecting scalp leading to hair fall

– sensitive to cold air, skin rashes, eruptions, crusts below which is a yellow purulent matter

6. Sepia-

– Baldness menopausal

– Hair fall after delivery of the child with mental depression, leading to indifference later on

– Hair pains when touched because of extremely sensitive hair roots

– Irritability increased, with snappish attitude

– Pimply eruptions near the hairline on forehead

7. Silica-

– Baldness in young people

– Hair-fall in frontal and forehead region

– Early greying of hair

– Chilly with excessively sweaty cold palms

– Nervous and anxious disposition

– Mild types

– Fixed ideas, highly impressionable

The above given are thus some of the most widely required drugs for the different hair problems. Apart from them, Psorinum, Medorrhinum, Natrum mur, Selenium, Lachesis (typical pregnancy hair fall), Merc sol, Kali carbonica, Lycopodium, Borax, etc are some other important drugs. Finally the necessity to figure out the exact constitutional remedy is the crux of long-term positive result in cases of hair fall and baldness!


Dr. Shreya from India

Dr. Shreya Deshpande

Dr. Shreya Deshpande is a senior homeopathic consultant of India and is running Online Homeopathic Consultation at She has penned several articles and papers regarding homeopathy and is a popular homeopath and a health counsellor globally. Watch her health blog at for interesting health info!

The above article was originally published by Dr. Shreya Deshpande at her health blog on 25 October 2010 and is republished here with the explicit permission. The Copyright is reserved with the author (Shreya Deshpande). All opinions are that of the author.

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  1. Dr. Nancy Malik

    Phase of Hair Growth Cycle: Anagen Phase, Catagen phase, Telogen Phase and Exogen phase
    Types of Hair loss: Focal, Diffused
    Causes of Hair Fall: Stress, Drugs, Skin ailments, Hormonal imbalance, Nutritional deficiency

    Guidelines for the management of alopecia areata (spot baldness)- British Association of Dermatologists – 2012

    Infographic on Yog Asanas for Hair fall treatment

    Dr. Mukesh Batra answering queries on hair fall

    This page is redirected from

    Lycopodium – hair fall after delivery
    Thuja – hair fall with dandruff

    Thank You Dr. Shreya for such a nice article on hair problems. Regards.

    You can read the above article clutter-free at


  2. Dr neeraj gupta

    good article for public awareness program


  3. Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Moeen

    Very good and very informative article.


  4. shree shukla

    can hair becomes as thick as they were?


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Some of the homeopathic medicines for treatment of thinning of hairs are phosphoric acid, psorinum, silicea, tarentula, tuberculinum, vanil.
      You need to consult your local homeopath for consultation and correct prescription


  5. reza

    i find effectivly we must carefull about zincum and selenium also


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Thank You for your comments. Phosphoric acid is one of the principle remedies for hair fall.


  6. debbybruck

    Many people have this problem today with many concerns of appearance and health. A full case must be taken and consideration of diet and nutrition. Great article Dr Shreya


  7. dr bhushan

    very very thank you for this wonderful homoeopathic article informative to all the homoeopaths


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Thank You Dr. Bhushan. Definitely a helpful article for homeopaths. Regards


  8. rajveer kaur

    hi doctor iam suffering from excess hair fall crusty eruptions present on my scalp which pulled out my hair from roots. fall in handful while combing,oiling and washing hair.dandruf is also present. please suggest me right way.iam very worry about it. my age is rajveer kaur


  9. pratik Das

    i have a hair fall problem.what can i get it resoleved?


  10. Sara

    Can i take phosphorus 10M for heavy hairfall and loss. before i had been taking phosphorus 200 followed by phosphorus 1M.


  11. Dr. Avani Shah

    Its really very informative n easy to understand how to deal with patients..Thanxx…


  12. Dr. D. Sharma

    Dr. Malik, this article is very informative and good for everyone. Thanks.


  13. Rohit Kumar

    Alopecia or Hair loss affects many millions worldwide each year, and is just as likely to be experienced by women as well as men. Even children can lose their hair. Technically known as Alopecia, it can be the result of heredity, medical conditions, even medications and weakness of matrix cells in the roots of our hairs. Ayurvedic Keshking Hair oil reactivate the matrix cells of the roots and prevents the problems of long grow of hair, shining, maintain colour deep nourishment of hair roots & scalp, checks loss of hair, stops premature of hair, prevents from dandruff, whiteness, regrowth of hairs, sleeplessness & headache.


  14. Dr Shweta Vaidya

    Very helpful information


  15. Sophie

    Hi I am suffering with hair loss mainly from the front hair are thinning my hair come out even when I just touch or stroke them please I need advice and help on what I can use to stop my hair from falling out so much

    Thank you



    sir, i have hair falling problem since 10 yrs … i can see new hair comes But the roots are very weak and thin hair……and also problem of grey hair….my age is 28 yrs….. again had jundice 5 months age……plz sir help me out of hair falling problem…..suggest me medicine name


  17. sunil

    i had started hair loss after blood clotting.can you suggest any medicine


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Hi Sunil. I did not get you correctly. Do you mean you started hair fall after detection of clots in blood?


  18. Sunita

    Zinc deficiency or zinc – copper imbalance is also one of the possible causes for hairfall.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. ankita

    Hi Dr age is 29(female)suffering from high levels of DHT and pcos..which causes huge hair fall (scalp visible) ang grey hairs..allopathic treatment is on-going..could you suggest some good homepathic medicine as well for me..regards Ankita


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Dear Ankita,
      Dihydrotestosterone causes pattern baldness in both males and females and is called androgenic alopecia. It is a result of specific harmone being in contact with an enzyme found in the skin and scalp.
      The best solution for you is to contact your local homeopath with diagnostic reports.


  20. S Dash

    Thank you very much. Homemopathy doctors generally don’t inform the name of the drug given, hence hampering the trust factor in the patient.


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