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Arnica Montana – All you need to know

  PLANT DESCRIPTION Arnica Montana, commonly known as Leopard’s bane, is a European flowering (bright yellow flowers similar to daisy, bright green leaves) plant. Arnica, the queen of plants in Homeopathy, is one of the greatest medicine ever known to mankind. Today, Arnica is the darling homeopathic medicine used throughout the world. It is used by […]

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This is why Sportspersons love Homeopathy

SPORTS INJURIES Most of the sports injuries are of the traumatic type such as a bruise, muscle strain, ligament sprain, fractures, etc. Others include muscle soreness, muscle cramps, stiffness, cuts and abrasions. The effect of these injuries is two-fold. One the cells that made up soft tissues gets damaged and the second is fatigue and […]

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