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  1. insearchofevidence

    Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for this, would have been nice to have the references to the studies – authors and publications.


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      URL Links updated
      Homeopathic Mustard Gas Trials https://archive.is/FMQ4P

      This page is just the summary of the research in homeopathy.
      For details such as authors, journal name, publisher, weblink, list of journals, research resources, online databases, etc kindly go to https://drnancymalik.wordpress.com/article/scientific-research-in-homeopathy/

      A comparison of observational studies and randomized, controlled trials http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJM200006223422506

      List of Journals which are NOT peer-reviewed
      1. Pediatrie
      2. Cahrs de biotherapy
      3. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics
      4. Journal of American Institute of Homoeopathic Medicine
      5. Berlin Journal of Research in Homeopathy
      6. Cahrs de biotherapy
      7. Biological Therapy
      8. European Journal of Integrative Medicine
      9. Tijdschrift Integrale Geneeskunde
      10. Fortschritte der Medizin
      11. Biologische Medizin
      12. Der Allgemeinarzt
      13. Boletín Mexicano de Homeopatía


  2. Grace Catley

    I am delighted to find this site. Clients who are new to homeopathy often ask for this kind of information. Thanks you.
    Grace Catley
    Classical Homeopath
    New Zealand


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Dear Grace
      Now you can safely and easily share the information with anyone who asks for it
      Thanks and Regards


  3. Jana Shiloh

    Wow! what a treasure! I will link this into the next edition of my book!


  4. stevem660

    The author claims 307 studies, but the numbers above total well over 400. Are some studies being counted more than once?


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Dear Steve
      One study is counted only once even if it is placed in more than one category
      e.g. a DBRPCT involving homeopathic medicine in super-avogadro dilutions is placed in both DBRPCT as well as potentised high dilutions category.


      • stevem660

        Thanks. I guessed that some studies fell into more than one category. I am trying to work out how many of the 307 are in homeopathy journals, how many in CAM journals and how many in “Integrative” journals. But because some fall into more than one subject category, simply adding up the totals doesn’t work.


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