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Respiratory Diseases – An Overview

The big idea with respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchtis, COPD) is a hypersensitivity to foreign particles. The inflammatory response is a set of physiological processes meant to quarantine or destroy foreign irritants; this response may involve swelling, mucus production, and the stimulation of antibodies via a neurotransmitter and an antigen called Histamine. Homeopathy can help.

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Homeopathy can cure Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis means inflammation of the spinal vertebrae (sacroiliac joints) that restricts the spine motion/mobility. There is a genetic predisosition to it. Human Lymphocytic antigen (HLA) B27 is a confirmatory blood test for it. Symptoms are most marked in the early morning and after inactivity and are relieved by movement. The homeopathic medicines for the treatment of poker back includes Aesculus, Aurum met, Calcarea carb, causticum, colchicum, Cuprum met, eupatorium, fluoric acid, kali iod, medorrhinum, merc sol, etc.

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