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  1. swapnil jain

    thats a good article but i dont think onion ar garlic affect homoeopathic medication anyway the important restriction would be avoiding any medicated things to be applied on skin and to be taken


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Thank you for your encouragement.The reason for avoiding strong odour food just prior and post medication is to play safe as there’s not enough research showing the effect or no-effect of strong odour foods


  2. Dr. Anand dharsenda

    great article -this gives almost all answers to questions which people commonly asks about homeopathy.


    • Dr. Nancy Malik

      Hello Dr. Aanand
      I have tried to answer the basic questions asked by people and patients alike. If any thing is left out, kindly let me know.


  3. Plasma Engineer

    That’s an interesting reply because it suggests that stong evidence for the effectiveness of the treatment actually does exist i the absence of these foods.


  4. Dr. Nancy Malik

    Ask me about Homeopathy http://drnancymalik.tumblr.com/ask
    Ask for Evidence http://lnkd.in/JFmJaH
    QED:’Quality Evidence Demonstrated’ http://wp.me/p20P7m-5t

    You can listen to mp3 audio/podcast of this blogpost (25 minutes,8 MB) online at https://soundcloud.com/drnancymalik/faq-on-homeopathy


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