Applied Research in Specific Medical Conditions

Evidence-based Homeopathy for 29 disease conditions



Statistically significant human studies in peer-reviewed medical journals upto the end of year 2010 are included. The compendium is prepared by mining 13 online databases.

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Fig. 1: Homeopathy has helped millions of people since its inception in 1796.


Euphorbium, Pulsitilla & Luffa for viral infection of respiratory tract(2001) FULL TEXT //Euphorbium Compositum, a combination remedy

Bronchiselect for respiratory tract diseases(1997) // n=258, combination remedy

Gripp-Heel (Aconitum 4X, Bryonia 3X, Eupatorium 2X, Lachesis 11X, Phosphorous 4X) for respiratory viral infections(2007) FULL TEXT // combination remedy

Homeopathy in respiratory allergies(2006) FULL TEXT

Cost-benefit evaluation of homeopathic versus conventional therapy in respiratory diseases (2009) FULL TEXT // treatment by homeopathy costs 50% less


Asclepias vincetoxicum & Sulphur for treatment of upper respiratory infections associated with common cold(2006)

Homeopathy for the prevention of upper respiratory tract infections(2005)// DBRCT with n=69. The difference in the median number of days with URTI symptoms was statistically significant with 8 days in the homeopathic group and 13 days in the control group (p = 0.006)

Homeopathic & antibiotic treatment strategies in recurrent acute rhinopharyngitis(2005) // Inflammation of the mucous membranes of nose & throat, homeopathy superior to anti-biotic

Treatment of rhinitis & sinus with Euphorbium compositum nasal drops(2005) // Homeopathy Vs xylometazoline

The effectiveness of homeopathy in medical primary care in upper and lower respiratory tract complaints, Asian Journal of Homeopathy, 01 Feb 2008, pp. 3-19

Rhinitis/Hay Fever

Meta-analysis of homeopathic treatment of pollinosis with Galphimia glauca(1997)

Pollens in 30c potency for hay fever(1986)

Treatment of pollinosis with Galphimia Glauca 4X(1983)

Treatment of pollinosis with the homeopathic preparation Galphimia Glauca(1990)

Betula 30C for hay fever(2000)

Potent placebo or potency? A model using homeopathically prepared pollens in hay fever (1985)

Potentised Allergan 30c Vs Placebo in allergic rhinitis(2000) FULL TEXT // n=51,significant improvement in nasal airflow compared to placebo

Treatment of allergic rhinitis with homeopathy(2005)// n=34, t=4 weeks

Usefulness of 13 homeopathic medicines in the management of acute rhinitis(2010) FULLTEXT // Nux-Vomica, Merc, Belladonna,pre- and post-score assessment as per acute rhinitis symptom score developed by CCRH showed statistically significant improvement, p<0.05

Comparing Luffa compositum-Heel nasal spray with cromolyn sodium spray in the treatment of allergic rhinitis(1999) FULL TEXT // Double-blind Randomised trial with n=146, combination remedu Homeopathic Nasal Spray containing Luffa, Galphimia, Histamine and Sulphur is as efficient and well tolerable as conventional therapy as Cromolyn Sodium

Homeopathic treatment of allergic rhinitis(2009)

Galphimia glauca 4X in treatment of pollinosis(1995) // n=164


Euphorbium Compositum nasal spray for sinusitis (1995) FULL TEXT // n=155,Subjective responses showed a greater improvement in those usinghomeopathic combination remedy

Sinfrontal (Cinnabaris 4X, Ferrum Phos 3X, etc) in the treatment of maxillary sinus(sinus + tooth pain) (2009) // ENT & respiratory tract infections, combination remedy

Sinfrontal for Acute Maxillary Sinusitis (2007) // combination remedy

Homeopathic treatment of patients with chronic sinusitis(2009) FULL TEXT

Homeopathy in acute rhino-sinusitis(2007)


Tonsilotrena for tonsillitis (2006) // combination remedy

Arnica montana 30C for post-tonsillectomy analgesia(2007) FULL TEXT // pain after tonsils removal

Otitis Media (inflammation of middle ear)

Individualised Homeopathic treatment of otitis media(2001) //n= 75, significant decrease in symptoms at 24 and 64 hrs after treatment in favour of homeopathy (P<0.05)

Homeopathy in acute otitis media(2001) FULL TEXT // Resolution rates were 2.4 times faster than in placebo controls. Compared to conventional treatment the homeopathic approach was 14% cheaper

Homoeopathic treatment of otitis media(1997) FULL TEXT// n=131, duration of pain of 2 days in homeopathy-group (n=103) & 3 days in conventional (antibiotic, antipyretic, secretolytics) group (n=28). 70.7 % & 56.5% of children receiving homeopathy & conventional respectively did not have another ear infection the next year

Common Cold

Comparison of acetylsalicylic acid with Eupatorium perfoliatum 2X in treatment of common cold (1981) // homeopathy equals conmed

Asclepias vincetoxicum & Sulphur for treatment of upper respiratory infectionsassociated with common cold (2006) //homeopathy Vs anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory drugs



Oscillococcinum 200c in the treatment of influenza(1989) FULL TEXT // if takentwice daily significantly increased the rate of cure within two days, (237 treated and 241 on placebo)

Oscillococcinum in patients with influenza(1998) // n=372

Gripp-Heel for influenza (1999) FULL TEXT// combination remedy

Rottey EED, Verleye GB, Liagre RLP. The effect of a homeopathic preparation in the prevention of flu symptoms: a randomized double-blind trial in primary care practice. 1995; 11: 54–58


Is evidence for homoeopathy reproducible?(1994) //homeopathic medicine in 30c on 28 allergic asthma patients does more than placebo

Engystol for treatment of bronchial asthma(1995) FULL TEXT // combination remedy

B. FIBROMYALGIA (Pain and Inflammation in muscles) (earlier called as fibrostis)

Arnica, Bryonia and Rhus Tox for fibrostis(1986)

Rhus Tox 6c for fibrostis(1989) FULL TEXT //non-individualised study, this study got replicated in the study below

Improved Clinical Status in Fibromyalgia patients treated with homeopathic remedies Vs Placebo (2004) FULL TEXT // individualised LM potency

Homeopathy as an adjunct to usual care for fibromyalgia(2009) FULL TEXT


Effect of Nux Vomica 30 and Coffea Cruda 30 on poly-somno-graphic sleep of young adults (2010) FULL TEXT

Avena Sativa 2X, Passiflora Incarnata 2X, Zincum Valerianicum 4X, Coffea Cruda 12X for treatment of Insomnia(2008)// combination remedy Neurexan

Chronic Insomnia: Efficiacy of homeopathic simillimum(2010) FULL TEXT // individualised medicine

Effect of Coffea Cruda on mood, anger and depression in insomnia patients(2010) //n=59, t=1month


Osteo-arthritic Pain: A Comparison of Homeopathy and Paracetamol(1998) // 55% achieved pain relief from homeopathy as compared to 38% from acetaminophen

Osteo-arthritis before and after homeopathic treatment(2008)

Zeel (Rhus Tox, Dulcamara, Sanguinara, Arnica) for osteo-arthritis(2003) FULL TEXT

Arnica montana gel in osteoarthritis of the knee(2002)// n=79,significant reduction in pain and stiffness, and a significant improvement in the functional ability of the knee.


Homeopathic therapy in rheumatoid arthritis (1980) FULL TEXT // 82% patients got relief in rheumatoid arthritis compared to 21% on placebo

‘Rheumaselect’ for Rheumatoid Arthritis (1991) // combination remedy


Homeopathic vs conventional treatment of vertigo(1998)FULL TEXT // Double Blind Randomised Controlled trial with n=119, Statistical Significant results with homeopathy as well as betahistine

VertigoHeel for treatment of Vertigo(2005)// combination remedy

Micro-circulatory effects of VertigoHeel on vertigo(2005) //n=32, t=12 weeks

Vertigoheel Vs Dimenhydrinate for vertigo (2001) FULL TEXT // 88% patient improved compared to 87 % in conventional group

Positive influence of Vertigoheel on signalling pathways of smooth muscle cells and vertigo (2009)

“Homoeopathische kombination bel vertigo and nausea”, C.F. Claussen, J. Bergmann. G. Bertora .and E. Claussen, 34 (1984):1791-98. // vertigoheel


Treatment of acute childhood diarrheawith homeopathic medicine (1994) FULL TEXT // n=81

Individualised Homeopathic treatment of acute childhood diarrhoea(2000) //n=116, t=5 days, replicated study, Nepal

Homeopathy for diarrhea: meta-analysis(2003) FULL TEXT // p=0.008

Acute Diarrhoeal Diseases in Children, 2009, 102 (3): 122-129, American Journal of Homoeopathic Medicines


Asenicum Album 30c to combat arsenic poisoning(2005) FULL TEXT // placebo-controlled

Arsenicum album 30C and 200 C alters antinuclear antibody (ANA) titre in people living in high-risk arsenic contaminated areas(2006) FULL TEXT // correction of arsenic-induced haematological changes such as total count of RBC, WBC, PCV, Hb, ESR and blood sugar level

Arsenicum Album 30C for arsenic toxicity: Evidence-based findings (2007) FULL TEXT // n=43


Efficacy and safety of a homeopathic gel Spiroflor SRL in the treatment of acute low back pain (2001) FULL TEXT

Efficacy ofhomeopathy in the treatment of chronic low back pain (2002) // RCT, n=43

Homeopathic Treatment of chronic low back pain(2009)


Homeopathic treatment of depression and anxiety(1997) // n= 12, t=7 to 80 weeks, 58% of patients responded to homeopathy for anxiety and phobia

Homeopathic LM potencies Vs Fluoxetine for Depression (2009) FULL TEXT


Treatment for hyperactive children: homeopathy and methylphenidate (ritalin) compared(2001) // ADHD, LM potency, n=114 (3-17 years), t=3.5 months, 86 (75%) responded to homeopathy, 22% responded to methylphenidate, 3% to none of them

Treatment of hyperactive children(2006) FULL TEXT


Ruta 6 induces cell deaths in brain cancer cells: A novel treatment for human brain cancer (2003) FULL TEXT // ruta 6c in combination with calarea phos 3x, in vitro and in vivo

Cytotoxic effects of ultra-diluted remedies on breast cancer cells(2010) FULL TEXT// in-vitro study: Carcinosin 30c, Phytolacca Decandra 200c, Conium 3c and Thuja 30c caused death of 5000 breast cancer cell lines in the laboratory for periods of between 1 to 4 days (experiment repeated 3 times), similar to the effect of chemotherapy, but without affecting normal cells.Carcinosin and Phytolacca—achieved up to an 80% response indicating that they caused cancer cell death. By comparison, placebo solvent achieved only 30%. The effects of Carcinosin and Phytolacca were as powerful as Paclitaxel (Taxol)

in vitro studies shows anti-cancer activity of Gelsimium 2-4c (2008)

Dynamized preparation in cell culture(2009) FULL TEXT// Carcinosinum200C,Conium,Lycopodium,activates beneficial gene p53 which provides defense against tumour/cancer

Lung (4 cases) and oesophageal Cancer patients treated with the Banerji protocols: A Best Case Series Program of the National Cancer Institute USA (2008) FULL TEXT// Concluded that there was sufficient evidence of efficacy to support further research into the Banerji protocol

Canova for cancer treatment(2003) FULL TEXT// combination remedy

Tumor (blood cancer) Therapy with Amanita phalloides(2010) FULL TEXT

Homeopathic approach to symptom control in the cancer patient(2002)


Viburcol (Chamomilla, Belladonna, Calcarea carbonica, Dulcamara, Plantago major, and Pulsatilla) for treatment of febrile infections in children (2005) //febrile symptoms such as fever, cramps, disturbed sleep, difficulty eating or drinking, crying=198 in 38 Belgian Clinics, Viburcol as effective as acetaminophen but better tolerable

Viburcol for infections due to fever(2002) FULL TEXT // equals paracetamol

Treatment of typhus & fever at present prevailing, Allgemeine Anzeiger, No. 6, Jan. 1814 // Bryonia and Rhus tox


Sulphur 6, Siliciea 6 & Carbo Veg 6 for leg ulcer(1997)

Individualised Homeopathic treatment of mouth ulcer(2009) FULL TEXT


1. The British Homoeopathic Journal

Efficacy of China Rubra 9C for weakness, lethargy and headache in kidney dialysis patients (1992)

Quality of life in patients with headache, receiving homeopathic treatment (2001)

2. BMC Public Health

Homeopathic medical practice in chronic diseases including headache in women (2005)

3. Complementary Therapies in Medicine

Homoeopathic Vs conventional treatment strategies in patients with chronic disorders including headache (2005)


1. The British Homoeopathic Journal

Homeopathic treatment of migraine (2000)

2. The Berlin Journal of Research in Homeopathy

Homeopathic Treatment of Migraines (1991)

3. The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Homeopathic Treatment for Chronic Disease including migraine (2005) FULL TEXT

4. Journal of Hellenic Headache Association

Homeopathic Treatment in patients with migraine (2006)


Effect of Homeopathic Arnica montana on Bruising in Face-lifts(2006) FULL TEXT

Arnica 30x vs placebo for patients receiving knee ligament reconstruction surgery(2006) // inflammation, n=57, p=0.019

Use of Arnica to relieve pain after carpal-tunnel release surgery(2002) // n=37, t= 2 weeks

Arnica montana 4X for Healing of Wounds After Hallux Valgus Surgery Compared to Diclofenac 50 mg (2008) // n=88, t= 4 4 days, arnica provided same level of wound irritation reduction but60 % cost-effective than diclofenac

Efficacy of Arnica 12X in varicose vein surgery(2003) // placebo-controlled


Homoeopathic versus conventional therapy for atopic eczema in children(2009)

Homeopathic treatment of intractable atopic dermatitis(2003) // n=17

Belladonna 7C and X-Ray 15C for treatment of radio-therapy induced dermatitis and skin darkening in breast cancer(2000)

Kali Bromatum 1X, Natrum Bromatum, Nickel Sulfate 3X, Natrum Mur 6X for dermatitis of scalp and dandruff(2002) FULL TEXT

Homoeopathic versus conventional treatment of children with eczema(2008) // n=118, t=1 year, those children who were treated homeopathically had a greater level of recovery from symptoms than those treated with conventional medicine.

Reversal of seborrhoeic dermatitis with homoeopathic dilutions of tobacco(1993)

Phase 3 RCT of Calendula compared with trolamine for prevention of dermatitis during radiotherapy for breast cancer (2009) //n=254, p<0.001, reduction in high energy radition-induced pain, superior to trolamine


Gripp-Heel (Aconitum napellus 4X, Bryonia alba 4X, Eupatorium perfoliatum 3X, Lachesis, Phosphorous) for viral infections(2004) FULL TEXT //combination remedy, n=485, 78.1% of people found it effective compared to 52.2% of those using conventional medicine

Euphorbium, Pulsitilla & Luffa for viral infection of respiratory tract(2001) FULL TEXT //Euphorbium Compositum, a combination remedy

Gripp-Heel (Aconitum 4X, Bryonia 3X, Eupatorium 2X, Lachesis 11X, Phosphorous 4X) for respiratory viral infections(2007) FULL TEXT // in vitro

Anti-viral Effect of the Homeopathic Drug Engystol(2005) // in vitro


Lymphomyosot for nerve pain and sensation in Type-2 Diabetic Neuropathy(2000) FULL TEXT // 75% patient reported improvement, combination remedy

Lymphomyosot enhances conventional therapy in diabetic peripheral neuropathy(2003) FULL TEXT

Homeopathic and conventional therapies in patients with type-2 diabetic polyneuropathy(2009) //n-61, t= 1 year, p=0.016


Scanning electron microscopy to investigate the structure of platelets of HIV patients treated with Canova(2009) // combination remedy

Individualised Homeopathy for diseases of the lymph nodes in HIV Stage 2 & 3 infected people (1999) FULL TEXT // n=100, homoeopathic treatment was successful for symptomatic HIV sufferers, immunity raised

Staphylococcus 12c decreases immune complexes, increases CD4 lymphocytes in HIV patients (2000)


Treatment of Psoriasis with Reliéva(2006) // combination remedy

Homeopathic treatment of patients with psoriasis(2009)


TRAUMEEL S in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced stomatitis(2001) FULL TEXT //n=15, age=3-25 years, p<0.01

Arnica Montana & Bellis Perennis for bleeding after delivery(2005) FULL TEXT

Antimony 6X for pro-coagulatory effect in bleeding disorder(2009)

Hepar sulphuris, Antimonium crudum, Sulphur and Calcarea carbonica for boils(2010)

Homeopathy for Thalassemia(2010) FULL TEXT //n=38, significant decrease in the serum ferritin and increase in fetal haemoglobin levels in subjects treated with homeopathic remedies in combination with Hydroxyurea. In the 30 patients having enlarged spleen, there was a reduction in size of spleen. There was an increase in the interval period of blood transfusion requirement (ranging between 25 and 75%) in the combined treatment group.

Homeopathy for anxiety and phobia(1997) //58% of patients responded

Application of 200C potency of bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control(2010) FULL TEXT // 2.3 million people in Cuba given two doses each (7-9 days apart) for protection against Leptospirosis (fever+jaundice+ inflammation in kidney+enlargement of spleen) with only 10 reported cases. Dramatic decrease in morbidity within two weeks and zero morbidity of hospitalised patients.

Homeopathic treatment of uterine pain during mensuration(2009) FULL TEXT

Spascupreel for treatment of Gastro-intestinal cramps(2007)

Avena Sativa 2X, Passiflora Incarnata 2X, Zincum Valerianicum 4X, Coffea Cruda 12X for treatment of nervousness/restlessness(2009)

Homoeopathy in ophthalmological conditions(1982)

Efficacy of homeopathic Crataegus & Spigelia for mild cardiac insufficiency(2003) FULL TEXT

Homeopathic treatment of coronary artery disease(2009) FULL TEXT

Homeopathic treatment of Dengue(2008) FULL TEXT

Nephrotic Syndrome in adults(2009) FULL TEXT //tuberculinum, apis, arsenicum album

Combination remedy in management of snoring(1999) // snore stop, n=90

Homœopathic treatment of filariasis(1990) //single blind placebo controlled, 66% improved on homeopathy, p<0.001

Ignatia 30c in treatment of oral lichen planus(2009) //n=30, p<0.05, single-blind randomised placebo controlled


Scientific Research in Homeopathy

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