Understanding Homeopathy

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Healing Is a Process, Not a Pill

HOMEOPATHY is a system of medicine that seeks to cure through natural laws of healing using natural substances made from animal, plant, and mineral.  It was “discovered” in the early 1800’s by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician because he felt the traditional methods of the time were brutal and senseless.  He stumbled on the key to curing sick people noting that when he gave a substance to a well person, it would produce symptoms that the remedy would cure in a sick person.  This discovery he referred to was “like cured like” meaning is a person expressed symptoms while sick, what remedy would create those person in a well person when taking the same remedy.

In his lifetime, Hahnemann was able to determine ninety-nine remedies and the symptoms they would Others followed in his footsteps and were able to discover the benefits of an additional 600 remedies by the end of…

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