Mind Over Matter: The Pressures of Hypertension

· homeopathy

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Medicine, as we know it, has always been about diagnosing an illness, finding out its cause and treating it. It was presumed that a disease had to have a “medical” cause. But, slowly, the practitioners of medicine came to realize that not all etiologies could be explained medically. There were some ailments which sprung up without any known medical cause, and sometimes, without any indications of a history in the family.

After a lot of research and controlled trials, it was effectively concluded that there were some ailments which, although having no underlying medical cause, appeared in people who were “disturbed” in their mind. This disturbance, called mental stress, usually came up when the person was faced with a situation he felt incapable of coping with. What began as a small collection of such ailments, snowballed into a never-ending list of diseases having a psychological origin. So much so, that…

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