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Arnica Montanaalso known as the Mountain Daisy and Leopard’s Bane belongs to the Compositae family and is found along the slopes of the Andes and along the Central European Alps andSiberia. It grows in the mountains, not on the tops but where it is of most use along the slopes of the mountain valleys and meadows. Nature’s way of supplying what’s needed close at hand, after a climbing fall and general overexertion. Arnica is a perennial herb has large golden flowers similar to the marigold, and is highly aromatic and grows on peaty soils.


Its valuable properties have been known for many years extending back to writings of Saint Hildergarde of Bingen in 1099. Within Homeopathy it is a remedy used for its therapeutic qualities, specifically for injuries, falls and accidents. In German it is known as ‘Fall Kraut’ or ‘Falling Herb’.


Amongst its many other virtues, homeopathically…

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