Kick the Habit with Homeopathy: Smoking and Other Addictions

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Lovely Blog. Thank You. The persons on withdrawal needs care and support.

Holistic Health With Homeopathy

ticBeginning September 2012, prominent health warnings appeared on all cigarette packages and advertising.   These warnings are displayed on the top 50 percent of both the front and rear panels of each cigarette package and in the upper portion of each cigarette advertisement, occupying at least 20 percent of the area of the advertisement.   This change by the FDA was intended to be a more aggressive approach to communicating the dangers of smoking.

Smoking is the leading cause of premature death in the United States and is responsible for nearly one million deaths a year.  It causes lung disease, cancer, strokes, heart disease and can kill you.  Though well aware of these hazards, smokers are powerless to the desire to light up because smoking is an addiction.

Addiction is an obsessive, compulsive reaction to a stimulus.  Everyone has an energetic life force that is contained in every cell of our…

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