To swallow or not to swallow…that is the question!

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Clever Homeopathy


A high degree of satisfaction is reported by patients of the homeopathic approach to health care [11]. Hahnemanns [10] postulations in Aphorism 2 of the Organon insist on a treatment that acts “in the shortest, most reliable and least detrimental of ways” (p.35). The routes by which remedies are administered can influence patient satisfaction with a regimen.

Central to this essay lies the question of the efficacy of the oral transmucosal remedy delivery over the oral swallow method. It is a common belief that, in homeopathic practice, an administered remedy needs to be dissolved on or under the tongue, such that absorption of the active properties via the oral mucosa is established. A survey has been conducted amongst practicing homeopaths evaluating their beliefs and experiences. The alternative routes of remedy delivery and the prevalence of the oral route have been identified via a second survey undertaken amongst suppliers of…

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